What does Snapping do in Marvel Snap? What iss this movie?

What does Snapping do in Marvel Snap? As titles go, Marvel Snap’s seems mildly confusing. It’s got nothing to do with the traditional card-matching snap game. It’s more of a reference to Avengers: Infinity War’s infamous conclusion. But what does it mean, gameplay-wise? If you’ve been wondering what does snapping do in Marvel Snap, I’ve got the answer.

What does Snapping do in Marvel Snap?

In Marvel Snap, participants can increase the stakes of a battle by using the snapping feature. This implies that the cubes awarded to the winner of the match will be double those they would have if they hadn’t snapped. Snapping can occur at any point during the match, however it can only happen once every match.

When snapping, bear the following points in mind:

  • You will forfeit twice as many cubes as you would have if you hadn’t snapped in addition to losing the match.
  • In a match where both players snap, the stakes are tripled. In other words, if neither player snaps, the winner of the match will receive four times as many cubes.
  • If a match proceeds to Turn 6, the stakes may also double. In other words, if neither player snaps, the match winner will still end up with twice as many cubes as they would have on Turn 5.

Snapping is a gratifying yet dangerous mechanic. It’s a terrific technique to rapidly gain more cubes, but it’s also a great way to lose cubes rapidly. Snapping should only be done strategically and only when you are certain that you will win the match.

The following advice will help you snap in Marvel Snap:

  • When your hand is powerful, snap.
  • When you think you have a strong possibility of winning, act quickly.
  • When you want to exert pressure on the other player, snap.
  • Take care not to snap when you are trailing.
  • Before you lose your cool, consider the match’s stakes.

In Marvel Snap, snapping is a potent technique that may be applied with great success. It’s crucial to utilize it wisely, though, and to snap only when you are certain that you will win the match.

Snapping do in Marvel Snap

When Is the Best Time to Snap in Marvel Snap?

If you’re snapping just to earn more cubes, which is the main reason to snap, the best time to snap is when you’ve got a good hand or setup, preferably late in the game.

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If, for example, you’ve got a location that duplicates a card and you’ve got the Hulk on standby, that’s a good reason to snap. Or snap if you think you’ve got your opponent’s strategy or deck figured out.

You don’t gain anything from snapping earlier. You can, in theory, snap to bluff an opponent. But I’ve not often had anyone retreat after I snapped. It doesn’t help that some of the opponents you face are bots and presumably immune to being bluffed.

So, snapping lets you double the number of cubes you stand to win / lose, and the best time to do it is later in each game. And that’s what you need to know about what snapping does in Marvel Snap and how it works.

How to Beat the Infernal Enchantress Boss in Lords of the Fallen

What I would describe as another surprise boss in Lords of the Fallen, the Infernal Enchantress appears with little fanfare in the blazing streets of Lower Calrath. A holy arsonist, this particular boss isn’t one of the game’s more brutal encounters but it can appear rather confusing when you first round the bend and clock worshipping in front of a gigantic bonfire. If you’re struggling to defeat the Infernal Enchantress in Lords of the Fallen, then look no further than this guide as I walk you through her abilities, weaknesses, and how to beat her.

Where to Find the Infernal Enchantress in Lords of the Fallen

Unlike some of the larger bosses you’ll encounter as you trudge your way across the unholy lands of Axiom, you don’t need to worry about reaching the Infernal Enchantress. At approximately the halfway point of this particular location, you’ll discover the Vestige of Sebastian, which the game names “Depot” for the sake of the fast travel system. Once you’ve happened upon this particular place of refuge, all you need to worry about is following the street to your right, taking a left turn at the end and you’ll have happened upon the Enchantress’ arena. Unlike fights like Ruiner and Crimson Rector Percival, you won’t need to plow through hordes of enemies in an effort to reach her, which is a small comfort.

Snapping do in Marvel Snap

How to Prepare for the Internal Enchantress Fight

Right, before you charge down this pissed-off pyromancy, you’ll want to apply a Burn Resistance Balm for obvious reasons. Her primary mode of attack is fire so you want to do anything you can to reduce that particular status effect. You might also want to swap your armor out to something that’s able to withstand the heat but don’t sacrifice on physical defense too much. Oh, also go ahead and use some Holy Salts on your weapon of choice for the extra bit of damage. Once you’ve got your Burn Resistance Balm locked into your quick-item bar, use the Umbral Lamp to shift into Umbra.

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How to Beat the Infernal Enchantress Boss in Lords of the Fallen

I know, this only intensifies the fight given that you don’t have a second chance if the Infernal Enchantress manages to wipe you out. However, once you traverse the moth gate, you’ll notice four glowing orbs hovering around the arena:

  • One is sitting on the wooden walkway to the immediate right of the entrance, it’s difficult to miss.
  • The second is behind a series of breakable wooden objects (crates, destroyed wagons etc.) on the bottom left of the arena, to the right of the bridge.
  • The third is to the middle-right of the alley, usually floating just outside one of the burning buildings.
  • The fourth and last orb is generally right behind the Infernal Enchantress herself.
  • Your primary objective is to destroy all of these orbs as soon as possible. If they’re active, you won’t be able to get close to the Infernal
  • Enchantress since they’re powering a forcefield around her that inflicts a ridiculous amount of damage if you step within its boundary.

My advice would be to keep your distance and use your ranged weapon to pop them. They only require a single hit to destroy so if you can get the line you need, they’ll burst with relative ease. Be aware that while you maintain your distance from the Infernal Enchantress, she’ll hurl some devastating fireballs in your direction. They’re pretty easy to avoid if you just dodge to the left or right; just make sure you don’t move too early since they are able to track your position every so slightly.

Back to the orbs, stand behind the wooden platform’s base, and shoot the orb before moving to your left, targeting the one in the burning building and taking that out too. Then roll to your left, through the wooden debris, and slash once at the orb hiding in this nook. Lastly, start advancing on the Infernal Enchantress, target the glowing blob behind her, and fire away. It’s easier than it looks as long as you avoid the fireballs since, at this distance, the boss doesn’t use any other abilities.

With all her Umbral protection gone, the Enchantress is now vulnerable so charge up to her and start hacking away. She has a very limited move-set at close range so use this to your advantage. Her most frequently used ability is a flamethrower-like attack that lasts for around three seconds. While you can block it with a shield, the fire build-up is nearly instantaneous which, coupled with the damage it’ll be doing at the same time, makes for a difficult time. The Infernal Enchantress isn’t a boss you want to parry, so just get out of the way with a dodge and swing from her behind.

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Aside from her flamethrower, the Enchantress uses three other moves that can prove to be a bit of a pain if you’re not ready for them. The first is a diagonal slash that looks like it can be parried but she’s not using it for the physical strike. Once this attack lands, it’ll spew out a small wave of lava that remains on the floor for a short period of time. Obviously, don’t stand on that.

In a similar act of area denial, she’ll also raise both hands in the air to indicate that she’s spawning explosive mines all around her. You can block these if you manage to run into one with your shield but really, just avoid them. She summons around four or five and, much like the lava wave before, they’ll dissipate after a short while so continue playing keepsies-awaysies and you’ll be fine.

Lastly, the Infernal Enchantress’ most devastating ability is her explosive teleport. When she begins to curl up in the ball, like she’s about to go Super Saiyan, just back the Hell up. She’ll unleash a MASSIVE explosion all around her that covers her movement shift. If you get hit by the eruption, you’ll be sent flying back and you’ll likely need to take a second to heal up. Fortunately, I found that she only did this twice during the fight: Once when she had lost a third of her health and again at two-thirds. She also won’t teleport very far away, usually just a couple of paces behind you. Drop your lock-on when you see her building to this move as having control of the camera makes it much easier to track her down after she’s warped.

That’s the full extent of the Infernal Enchantress’ move-set. It’s a fairly straightforward fight that only really punishes a direct approach. If you focus on avoidance rather than tanking hits, she’s a bit of a pushover. It helps that her healthy pool is surprisingly low too. Keep managing your burn level, dunking out of the explosions and pretty soon you’ll be greeted with “Sinner Judged.”

Of course, to add insult to injury, the Infernal Enchantress shows up later in Calrath as just a standard enemy. At least now you’ll know how to deal with her!

If you’re looking for more on the game, check out our explainer as to whether you should explore in Axiom or Umbral in Lords of the Fallen.

Snapping do in Marvel Snap

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