Is The One-Above-All The Strongest Marvel character?

Is The One-Above-All The Strongest Marvel character? The-One-Above-All (also known as “Above All Others” or ”God”) is the overarching protagonist of the Marvel Universe.

He is the true Monotheistic Supreme God of the Marvel Omniverse and the sole master of the cosmic overseer; The Living Tribunal. The-One-Above-All is the supreme creator of all existence in the Marvel omniverse and is considered to be the most powerful character in Marvel. He has an evil alter-ego known as The-One-Below-All.

Is The One-Above-All The Strongest Marvel character?

The Beyonder and the One-Above-All both have a decent claim to being the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe. Each possesses an effectively unlimited amount of power, and both have treated some of Marvel’s strongest cosmic beings like toys in landmark events such as Secret Wars.

Many may debate which of these characters reigns supreme. The evidence, however, does determine a clear winner. Comparing their history, experience, and abilities, both of these omnipotent cosmic powerhouses stand well above any other Marvel characters, but which one is truly the most powerful?

The One-Above-All The Strongest Marvel character

How Powerful Is Marvel’s Beyonder?

Described as having more power than a million universes combined, the Beyonder was originally positioned as a supreme being within the Marvel Universe. It was later revealed that he is an ancient entity from a race of beings who exist as the sum of everything in their multiverse. As such, he has the ability to control the fundamental fabric of space and time.

Created by Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck in 1984’s Secret Wars #1, the Beyonder can shape reality, regenerate on a cellular level, and change into any form. He also has cosmic strength, which he frequently puts to the test in order to learn more about humanity. In Shooter and Al Milgrim’s 1985 follow-up Secret Wars II, he demonstrated his incredible powers by warping reality to meet his desire for perfection.

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The Beyonder has also survived big blows from powerful heroes like Molecule Man, absorbing whole universes in the process. Unfortunately for him, all that power came with a price. The Beyonder eventually realized the world could not be complete or perfect, even with his manipulation. Since his debut, Marvel has retconned several of the Beyonder’s powers, with him even losing them to Doctor Doom at one point. However, his ability to warp reality allows him to potentially simulate any power he wants.

How Powerful Is the One-Above-All?

Although he has only made occasional appearances in the Marvel Universe, the One-Above-All is said to be responsible for the existence of all life in the multiverse. First appearing in 2004’s Fantastic Four #511 (by Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo), the One-Above-All sees and knows all. With no set appearance, he also has the ability to appear anywhere and everywhere at the same time and exist beyond space and time.

With so much unlimited power at his grasp, he is considered to be hands down the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe. He’s also the master of the cosmic overseer known as the Living Tribunal. As the creator of the universe, he’s taken the appearance of Jack Kirby, the comics legend who was a driving force in the creation of many of Marvel’s biggest franchises.

While the Beyonder and the One-Above-All are both immensely powerful reality-warpers of the highest order, the One-Above-All is clearly the more powerful of the two. While the Beyonder has gotten caught up in the rivalries of the Marvel Universe and seen his power taken by mere humans, the One-Above-All truly exists in another realm, where he stands omnipresent and omnipotent.

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The One-Above-All The Strongest Marvel character

Was The Year Marvel Finally Fixed Its Most Powerful Character

While fans can always debate which of the Avengers or X-Men are more powerful, when it comes to the Marvel Universe as a whole, there’s only the One-Above-All. A traditional monotheistic god figure in Marvel lore, the One-Above-All (aka Above All Others) is the custodian of the entire Marvel multiverse, far above Galactus, the Celestials, and All-Father Odin. But while the One-Above-All may sit at the top of Marvel’s power ladder, the character has been deeply flawed almost from its conception… until this year.

Al Ewing and Joe Bennett’s Immortal Hulk #50 redefined the One-Above-All, as the Hulk’s cosmic Odyssey ended in the Below-Place – the hellish realm that lurks under all creation. There, the classic Hulk and his more worldly Sunshine Joe persona confronted the demonic, Cthulhu-like One-Below-All, only to discover that it and the One-Above-All are one and the same – that Marvel’s devil and its god have the same relationship as the Hulk and Bruce Banner. This was especially alarming as the One-Below-All had involved Hulk in a plan to permanently extinguish the Multiverse, sick with hatred at the existence of anything but itself.

The biggest issue Immortal Hulk #50 fixed was quite how simplistic the One-Above-All had become. In Marvel stories, power tends to come with complexity – Galactus is an energy-being with the vague memory of having once been a man, the Celestials have such alien intellects that even communicating with them is dangerous, and the Beyonders are so far above mortals, just one of their children is perhaps the greatest threat Marvel’s heroes ever faced.

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Marvel’s cosmic forces are individuals with personalities and perspectives, but they’re also unknowable, and that’s communicated both in their attitudes and in their designs (most of which originate from the inimitable pen of Jack Kirby.) And yet at the top of the tree, the One-Above-All is commonly depicted as an all-powerful floating head reminiscent of any number of alien despots or magical tyrants the Avengers might deal with in a single issue. In terms of scale alone, Immortal Hulk makes the One-Above-All feel worthy of its name.

While respecting the glowing body used in prior comics, Immortal Hulk’s One-Above-All fills the sky, its eyes subtly but creepily drawn like mouths.

This is fitting, since it speaks not in its prior casual conversation, but in epic, scriptural pronouncements so abstract, it feels as if the heroes are merely there to witness them, with any answers to their questions coming from their own ability to figure out which of the cosmos’ grand truths are most relevant in the moment. The One-Above-All’s connection to the One-Below-All likewise fits with Marvel’s complex cosmic ecosystem – the most powerful being is the one least familiar to a human perspective.

The One-Above-All The Strongest Marvel character

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