Is Goku Marvel? Galactus Is A Force Of Nature about?

Is Goku Marvel? Galactus Is A Force Of Nature? Goku (Marvel) is the Alternate Dimension Counterpart of Son-Goku from the Dragon Ball Series. Like his Jump Manga Counterpart, he is indeed a Saiyan.He lives in a Different Dimension from the Canon Marvel World, somewhere in the MCU.

He is the Protangnist of Marvel Universe: Dragon Ball, and a regular Hero in Stories that Take place in the Same Dimension.

Is Goku Marvel?

Goku is the greatest hero of the various Dragon Ball series. He’s one of anime’s most well-known heroes and has a legion of fans. The powerful Saiyan hero has battled against some of the most devastating threats in anime history, and many of his fans believe him to be unbeatable.

Many online flame wars have started over what characters Goku could and couldn’t beat, with his vocal fans pretty much-denying anyone could actually beat him. The heroes and villains of Marvel are a powerful lot, but many of them wouldn’t stand much of a chance against Goku. However, there are several who would be able to defeat him, many with greater ease than one would expect.

Updated on January 7th, 2023 by David Harth: Goku is a powerful hero, one who has saved his universe many times. He’s the most powerful and skilled fighter among beings whose entire lives are battle. While there are many denizens of the Marvel Universe he would crush, plenty would be able to put up a fight against him that would surprise him. There are more characters in the Marvel Universe who can beat Goku than meets the eye.

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Goku Marvel

Molecule Man Could Unravel Goku At A Molecular Level

Marvel is full of characters with cool powers, but some go above and beyond cool. That’s Owen Reece in a nutshell. Known as the Molecule Man, Reece can affect things on a molecular level. Basically a god, Reece can control the building blocks of creation, making them do anything he needs to them. He’s even gone toe to toe with the Beyonder and walked away.

Goku’s physical power is much greater than Molecule Man’s, but Owen Reece has never won a fight because he can fight well. Goku is an honorable man; he only goes all out against enemies he knows are dangerous. He can beat Molecule Man with one punch, but he’d never have a chance. Molecule Man can create impenetrable force fields and will unravel the Saiyan with a thought.

Galactus Is A Force Of Nature

Galactus is Marvel’s most prolific killer. Unlike some, he doesn’t do it out of malice or for some insatiable lust for power. Galactus feeds on worlds, serving an important role in the universe. He’s also just the type of being Goku would try to battle. However, the Saiyan hero would have no chance against him.

That’s not to say it’s impossible for Goku to win, as he has feats that are undeniably amazing. The problems come from the fact Galactus has access to the full might of the power Cosmic. He has nearly absolute mastery over energy and matter, something that gives him multiple ways to defeat Goku. The World Devourer would quickly end the battle with Goku.

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Doctor Strange’s Plethora Of Powers Would Give Him The Tools To Beat Goku

Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme. His position makes him Earth’s first and last line of defense against the most powerful enemies in the multiverse. He’s saved the Earth numerous times from shadowy forces that would devour every living being. His mastery of magic has made him a force to be reckoned with against even gods.

Doctor Strange would definitely lose in a fistfight with Goku, but it would never come to that. While it’s conceivable that Goku could eventually break through Strange’s defenses, it would take a lot of time. What wouldn’t take a lot of time is Strange coming up with the perfect spell to defeat Goku. The warrior wouldn’t even know what hit him.

Goku Marvel

Emma Frost’s Telepathy Would End The Battle Easily

Marvel has some brilliant master manipulators, the best of them with their mighty telepathic powers. Emma Frost has always been an expert at using her prodigious wealth and business acumen, along with her sensational looks, to get her way. However, her telepathy is her favorite tool. Anyone without telepathic defenses is putty in her hands.

Emma Frost could withstand Goku’s onslaught in her diamond form for a time, but since she can’t use her telepathy then, that would just be a stopgap measure. Instead, she would just do what she always does with big, dumb, musclebound men. Emma’d lull Goku into a false sense of security with her looks and mind blast him into oblivion.

Black Bolt Has Complete Control Of Electrons

Black Bolt has defeated Marvel’s most powerful combatants. The Inhuman monarch’s voice is devastating. A whisper from him can cause untold devastation and a scream would shatter mountains. All of this comes from his ability to manipulate electrons, giving him access to several powers.

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Black Bolt’s screams wouldn’t be able to keep Goku down, but they are only one weapon in his arsenal. His ability to control electrons would give him the ability to beat Goku. Black Bolt has demonstrated the power to manipulate matter, and that’s the kind of power that Goku can’t match.

Scarlet Witch Would Make Short Work Of Goku

When one is as powerful as Scarlet Witch, they don’t need to be a great fighter. Her reality-altering powers and sorcery skills make her an incredibly potent foe, and she has years of experience operating at the highest level of the superhero community. While Goku is certainly stronger and more skilled than Scarlet Witch, he can’t really match any of her powers.

Scarlet Witch has been fighting evil for long enough to know that anyone who looks like Goku is a fighter that she’s not going to want to trifle with. She has so many options for beating him that it’s not funny. All it really comes down to is how Scarlet Witch wants to win the fight.

Goku Marvel

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