Does Ms Marvel have a Post Credit scene? What is this about?

Does Ms Marvel have a Post Credit scene? True to form for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the season finale of Ms. Marvel has given fans a taste of what’s to come. The final instalment of the six-episode Disney+ series was full of thrills, spills and even an X-Men tease – but the biggest surprise was left for the very end.

The finale’s post-credit scene saw Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) take a well-deserved rest on her bed (while sporting her fancy new costume) after successfully fighting off the Department of Damage Control.

 Ms Marvel have a Post Credit

Does Ms Marvel have a Post Credit scene?

We are currently on Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and if there’s one thing fans have learned over the course of the past decade and a half, give or take, is that with great power, comes great post-credit scenes. Whether in theaters or on TV, Marvel stories always come with a little surprise after the credits roll, usually hinting at something more.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that Disney+’s newest teen comedy-meets-superhero origin story Ms. Marvel has its own little post-credit sequence with precious clues to what is coming to the MCU right at the end of its final episode. Ms. Marvel Episode 6, “No Normal”, presents those who know how to wait with a nifty little cameo by Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) herself, laying the groundwork for Kamala Khan’s (Iman Vellani) next adventure. But what exactly happens in the finale’s post-credit scene? And what does it all mean?

First, let’s take a look at what brought us here, just to keep it fresh in our minds. Created by Bisha K. Ali, Ms. Marvel tells the origin story of Marvel’s first leading Muslim superhero. The show is based on the comics by G. Willow Wilson, but takes some liberties with regard to its source material to make Kamala a better fit for the MCU.

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The most significant changes have to do with Kamala’s powers and their origin, and they play an important role in understanding that post-credit scene. While, in the comics, Kamala’s Inhuman powers are activated by the release of the Terrigen Mist into the Earth’s atmosphere, in the show, they are awakened by a family heirloom: a cool-looking bangle that Kamala receives from her grandmother, Sana (Samina Ahmed), alongside other family trinkets.

Though Kamala’s mom, Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff), does her best to keep the bracelet away from her daughter, claiming that it’s nothing but junk, she inevitably gets a hold of it. Her powers begin to manifest immediately, but they’re a little different from what comics’ fans might have expected.

In the Disney+ series, Kamala begins her career as a superhuman producing a purple aura that she can turn into shields and platforms. In the comics, on the other hand, she can alter her appearance, embiggening parts of her body and even shapeshifting. For a while, it seemed like those abilities would be left out of the show and the MCU entirely, but Episode 6 reveals that this is not the case.

Did Ms. Marvel Just Transform Into Captain Marvel?

While Kamala Khan is a shapeshifter in the original comics, Ms. Marvel’s MCU origins and powers are different enough that it’s very unlikely she has the same ability on-screen. As such, Kamala doesn’t transform into Carol Danvers even though it initially looks as though that was the case. Firstly, Carol is wearing her own costume (not Kamala’s).

Secondly, if Kamala had unintentionally transformed to look just like her hero, the post-credits scene would have likely seen her running to a mirror and comically touching her face rather than was it is: Carol surveying her new surroundings (the fan-obsessed shine to Captain Marvel herself that is Kamala’s bedroom). In actuality, it looks as though the genuine Carol Danvers and Ms. Marvel switched places thanks to the power of Kamala’s bangle.

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Ms Marvel have a Post Credit

Where Kamala Khan Goes At The End of Ms Marvel

Seeing as how Carol ended up in Kamala’s bedroom, it stands to reason that Ms. Marvel went to wherever Captain Marvel had been. While the exact reason why remains unclear, it should be noted that Ms. Marvel’s bangle was glowing with energy that looked very similar to Captain Marvel’s power aura.

Additionally, Ms. Marvel episode 3 revealed that a second bangle was never recovered by Ms. Marvel’s great-grandmother Aisha. It’s possible that Carol found the second bangle which is undoubtedly connected to the one presently in the possession of Kamala. Perhaps Captain Marvel unintentionally activated the second one which resulted in her and Kamala switching places.

As far as where Carol might have been before finding herself in Kamala’s room, the odds are strong that she was in space. The greater cosmos beyond Earth is her main territory, protecting the galaxy and worlds that don’t have as many heroes as her homeworld does.

This would support the confirmation from Ms. Marvel’s premiere episode that Captain Marvel returned to space following the battle with Thanos as seen in Avengers: Endgame. Likewise, the first bangle was discovered on a severed hand of a being that had blue skin. While Djinn are known to have blue skin in myth as well as in the comics, that wasn’t the case with any of the living Djinn seen in the MCU.

As such, the blue arm in Ms. Marvel could have belonged to an alien Kree. Not only would this tie to Captain Marvel as well as to Kamala’s original comic origins, but it also supports the idea of the second bangle potentially being in space to be discovered by Carol (leading to her swap with Kamala).

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How Ms Marvel Sets Up The Marvels

Prior to Captain Marvel’s new appearance in Ms. Marvel’s finale, she was last seen in the post-credits scene for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. It was there that she, Bruce Banner, and Wong met with Shang-Chi to examine the Ten Rings he inherited from his father. As such, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Carol has been searching the cosmos to see if she can learn more about the Ten Rings. Seeing as how the temple where Aisha found the first bangle had the symbol of the Ten Rings carved into the floor, the possibility exists that both bangles are somehow connected to Shang-Chi’s powerful weapons.

This could serve as the foundation for why Carol and Kamala cross paths in The Marvels, the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel that will see Carol joining forces not only with Kamala but with Monica Rambeau’s Spectrum as well. While investigating the source and origin of Ms. Marvel’s bangle and Shang-Chi’s rings doesn’t have to be the main plot of The Marvels (and likely isn’t), it could still serve as the reason as to why the two heroes meet.

While Monica and Carol have a prior history and connection point seen in the first Captain Marvel, there needs to be something new that motivates Carol and Kamala to come together and team up. As such, it looks as though the Ms. Marvel post-credits scene is setting up that exact scenario to happen in The Marvels.

Hilariously, it seems as though Captain Marvel will already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Kamala Khan based on her room decor (despite having yet to officially meet her in the MCU). Ms. Marvel being Carol Danvers’ biggest fan may very well be just a hilarious coincidence (and not the main reason why they’ll eventually meet).

 Ms Marvel have a Post Credit

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