Is Lizzo in Marvel? Was Lizzo ever in a Marvel movie?

Is Lizzo in Marvel? Was Lizzo ever in a Marvel movie? Lizzo is an American star singer and songwriter that’s a highly vocal advocate of self-love, Black women’s rights, and so much more, making her a hero in many of her fan’s eyes. Just recently, we saw Lizzo don a superhero costume while also appearing in some blockbuster TV shows and films. That made some fans wonder; was Lizzo ever in a Marvel movie?

Lizzo never had an acting role in any Marvel movie – not even a cameo. Her only involvement in the MCU was her song, Juice, featured in the MCU film Eternals. Lizzo did play a superhero, however – but in her own music video for the song, Special.

As for the star singer’s acting career, she had only a handful of roles, but she tends to stick to her music career, as well as her plus-size modeling and advocating for Black women, plus-size women, and women’s rights in general. If you want to learn more about Lizzo’s MCU involvement, as well as her acting career so far, keep reading this article.

Is Lizzo in Marvel?

Lizzo is one of the world’s most popular performers. The superstar singer, songwriter, rapper, and flutist was born Melissa Viviane Jefferson in Detroit, Michigan, but then moved to Houston, Texas, where she was raised.

Her singing career blossomed around 2013 when she released a studio album called Lizzobangers, and then exploded in 2015 with another album, Big Grrrl Small World.

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Throughout her career, Lizzo remained a vocal advocate for self-love and a motivational influencer for all people, but especially plus-sized women who were forced to feel bad about themselves their entire life, and for all those who felt unwanted, embarrassed, bullied, or in any way mistreated.

Lizzo is also highly vocal about Black women’s rights in the US, and she always tries to empower women to reach their full potential. She’s a phenomenal author and a person who never shied away from speaking her mind and being herself.

As for her career outside of music, Lizzo has done a lot, especially when it comes to producing her own projects. She also acts in her music videos almost always but had several other roles that you might’ve recognized her in.

Lizzo in Marvel

Was Lizzo ever in a Marvel movie?

Although videos and screenshots are circulating online with Lizzo donning a superhero suit, the singer was never actually in a Marvel movie – at least not in an acting role as any superhero.

I’m sure many fans consider her their hero for all the social justice work she does, but Lizzo is not as active of an actress to land a big role in MCU, or any other Marvel movie, for that matter.

However, she was involved in the MCU, but not in an acting role. One of her hit songs, Juice, was featured in an MCU movie – in 2021’s ‘Eternals.’ Apart from that, Lizzo was never a part of the MCU as a character.

Why some fans though Lizzo was in a Marvel movie?

I’ve already mentioned a couple of times that we’ve seen Lizzo don a superhero costume, which is likely why some people might’ve thought that she was in one of the Marvel movies. However, that particular shot of Lizzo as a superhero didn’t come from a movie or a show of any kind.

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It came from a music video to one of her new hits, called ‘Special.’ It’s an empowering, self-love song, and the video is about a Black woman superhero that the entire city loves, but once she takes off the costume and works as a common waitress, nobody even bats an eye – even disrespects her until she decides to stand up for herself.

That way, the woman becomes a hero in her own right, with or without the superhero costume. Lizzo took to Instagram to share her thoughts, sharing a voice note from her phone where she explained the motivation behind the video for ‘Special.’ She wanted to create a story from the specific point of view of a Black woman in the US:

“The music video starts off as showing the superhero, the Black woman as superhero. And it’s like, America loves a Black woman as superhero, but absolutely hates her as a human being.

And the caption revealed more about the video and the song, turning to all those who felt disrespected:

“Every night on stage, I say “thank you for supporting me. For loving me. And when you see someone that looks like me in the Real World, keep that same energy.” What good is representation if I’m the only one benefiting? This video is for any one who has felt unseen, alone, disrespected. I see you.”

Lizzo in Marvel

Did Lizzo have other acting roles?

Another reason why some fans might’ve mixed up their thoughts about Lizzo being in a Marvel movie is the fact that one of her recent cameos in a blockbuster show caused quite a stir online.

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It wasn’t a cameo in the MCU, however, but rather in ‘The Mandalorian,’ another Disney+ original set in the ‘Star Wars’ universe. She portrayed The Duchess in one of the episodes of Season 3 alongside Jack Black, who portrayed her husband.

According to many fans, their cameo was kind of bad and unfitting for the show, but that’s a topic for another day.

Apart from her music videos and behind-the-scenes documentaries, Lizzo played a role in the movie ‘Hustlers’ alongside Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Constance Wu, Julia Stiles, and others. She played Liz in the film.

That’s about it when it comes to Lizzo’s acting career, apart from giving her voice in a couple of projects. For instance, she voiced Lydia in the animated film ‘UglyDolls,’ and Goobie-Woo in ‘The Simpsons.’

Would you like to see Lizzo in the MCU? Let us know in the comments below!

Lizzo in Marvel

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