Who is Legion in Marvel? What this Legion in Marvel about?

Who is Legion in Marvel? When mutant abilities manifest, their arrival can have dangerous, demoralizing, or catastrophic results. This is why Charles Xavier dedicated his life to helping young mutants accept and develop their powers, aiding them in finding their own place in the world. Unfortunately for David Haller, an Omega-level mutant, his complex abilities have made his life a whirlwind since he was a child. He also just happens to be Xavier’s own son—something the Professor was unaware of for quite some time.

Haller has been through many phases, but his dissociative identity disorder means he’s also wrestled with a variety of personalities, each with their own abilities and dispositions, hence the name Legion.

Who is Legion in Marvel?

Marvel finally shows the battle between the most powerful X-Men, Legion, and the strongest villain in the universe, Uranos, who is Thanos’ grandfather. When the Eternals attack the mutant colony on Mars, Arakko, Uranos alone decimates the planet, until Legion intervenes to stop him. However, not even the powers of the strongest mutant ever could stop Uranos.

David Haller, aka Legion, is the estranged son of Professor X and also one of the strongest Omega-level mutants, having the ability to create spontaneous mutations with various powers. However, every time he generates a new mutation, David also creates a new personality, resulting in Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Legion’s unstable condition and immense power created many problems for himself and the X-Men (including accidentally generating the Age of Apocalypse timeline), but David has seemingly found peace, and a home, on Arakko, where Legion created a real Utopia better than Krakoa, a special pocket dimension in the Astral Plane called the House of L. However, the Eternals were created by the godlike Celestials, and for them “Omega-level” is just a fancy name.

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The strongest and most dangerous Eternal is Uranos, one of the three Patriarchs and the ancestor of the Mad Titan, Thanos. Uranos does not only have Thanos-level powers, he also owns and controls a seemingly endless arsenal of Celestial-level weapons of mass destruction, which Uranos used to attack the X-Men and Arakko under the orders of Druig. In Legion of X #6, by Si Spurrier, Rafael Pimentel, and Federico Blee, Marvel finally shows what happens when two almost godlike creatures such as Legion and Uranos clash.

In the beginning, their battle is mostly metaphysical (similar to Lucifer and Dream’s battle in Sandman), until they realize they are evenly matched and, if the battle actually unfolded in the real world, they would both be completely erased. At that point, Uranos preys on Legion’s weak mental state and self-doubt, and he is able to turn the tables in a moment, winning the battle.

Legion in Marvel

Uranos Is More Powerful Than Marvel’s Strongest Mutant

Uranos is a new character, so his “power levels” still have to be clearly established. For the moment, he seems an almost unstoppable force of destruction that is even more dangerous than his nephew Thanos. Legion, on the other hand, has been established as the most powerful mutant, because every one of his more than 200 personalities is an Omega-level.

However, even with such immense power, David struggles with control and concentration due to his fragile mental state. His time on Arakko has actually been incredibly positive, as Legion is no longer a threat, as his father still believes, but a benevolent god that helps mutantkind thrive. Still, he still has a long way to go, as Uranos proved when he took advantage of Legion’s insecurities to make his concentration slip and gain the upper hand.

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While Uranos emerged victorious from this fight, Legion demonstrated that he has actually matured a lot and has gained greater control over his powers. Rather than rushing back into the fight, he chooses to focus on saving the mutants trapped in the astral plane and under attack from Uranos’ machines. Uranos may be Marvel’s strongest villain, but Legion proved that, in the future, he can become the leader that the X-Men and the entire mutant race need.

Legion in Marvel

Return of Legion

After Bishop’s attack, Legion disappeared into somewhere called the “no-time.” Here David encountered and absorbed the psyches of many others, splintering many more times to create hundreds of new personae. He was found here by Magik. She made contact with his Legion-alter and brought him back to Earth in exchange for his promise to help her destroy the Elder Gods and reclaim her soul. David emerged near Westcliffe, Colorado where he met Marci Sabol. She helped David, gave him water and played games with him. Unfortunately, one of Legion’s murderous alters emerged, killed the girl and absorbed her psyche into Legion’s mind.

After embarking on a mission to investigate a report of mutant activity in Colorado, Danielle Moonstar and Karma went missing. Karma attempted to reach out psychically for Marci and ended up trapped in Legion’s mind. Meanwhile, Moonstar was arrested. Upon learning of his former teammates’ disappearance, Cannonball formed a team to investigate, consisting of Sunspot, Magik, and Magma. Cannonball and Sunspot found Karma’s unconscious body in a backroom at a bar. Meanwhile, Magik and Magma found Karma’s mind inhabiting Legion’s body inside a metal box kept in the cellar of a private residence.

While the rest of the team was battling Legion’s body and numerous evil personae, Magik entered Legion’s mind and killed Jack Wayne with her Soulsword. After finding Karma, Marci brought the girls to the cell holding David. The four then gained possession of a Moira doll and thereby gained control of David’s body. Before leaving David’s body, however, Karma used Magik’s Soulsword to kill the persona who murdered Marci. Emma Frost and Cyclops arrived soon afterward to help transport Legion and to “clean” the minds of the civilians.

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Once on Utopia, the X-Club along with Rogue and Danger, began repairing David’s mind by cataloging and trapping the other alters one by one. After General Ulysses of the U.S. Marines returned from Limbo, captured the soul gems, and unleashed the Elder Gods, Magik put her plan into action. She sent Karma, armed with the Soulsword, back into Legion’s mind, and freed his reality-warping Legion-personality. Legion honored his part of their bargain, using his powers to remove the Elder Gods from reality once and for all.

Legion joins the X-Men

During Bastion’s attacks on the X-Men, Cyclops asked Professor X to recruit Legion for the battle. Professor X reluctantly agreed and Legion was able to use his various powers to fight Nimrod Sentinels alongside the other X-Men.

Not long afterwards, Doctor Nemesis began killing off Legion’s Alters, seemingly without any negative effects. However, unbeknownst to Nemesis, Legion’s mind created a powerful new persona to protect itself. This new persona used it’s reality-warping powers to create a world where David was a beloved hero. David eventually became conscious of the fact that this reality was a fake created by him. He re-absorbed his rogue personality, and used its powers to restore reality to its original state.

Legion in Marvel

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