What is The Bloodstone Marvel? What is this movie about?

What is The Bloodstone Marvel? The Marvel Cinematic Universe has flirted with elements of horror before thanks to directors like Scott Derrickson and Sam Raimi, but Disney+ unveiled the universe’s first true horror project with the “Special Presentation” of Werewolf by Night. A 53-minute special directed by veteran composer Michael Giacchino, Werewolf of Night is based on a somewhat obscure character that emerged in the Marvel Presents comics of the 1970s. Gael Garcia Bernal stars as Jack Russell, a monster hunter who can transform into his alter ego, “Werewolf by Night.”

The special begins after the death of the immortal monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone, whose widow Verussa (Harriet Sansom Harris) gathers five monster hunters for a ceremonial hunt. The winner of the contest will be given the powerful “Bloodstone,” a mysterious relic of immense power. Jack, Jovan (Kirk R. Thatcher), Azrael (Eugenie Bondurant), Liorn (Leonardo Nam), Barasso (Daniel J. Watts), and Versussa’s estranged daughter Elsa (Laura Donnelly) all arrive to compete.

Werewolf by Night is a refreshingly self-contained MCU project, and it certainly feels like a breath of fresh air compared to the complex Multiverse storyline in Phase Four. However, the introduction of the Bloodstone suggests that the events of the special may have more important implications for the MCU moving forward.

The Bloodstone Marvel

What is The Bloodstone Marvel?

Similar to the Infinity Stones, the Bloodstone is an ancient artifact that dates back to the prehistoric era. In Marvel Presents, it’s established that the Bloodstone (also known as the Bloodgem) was sent into space by the powerful beings known as the “Exo-Mind” with the hopes of conquering other dimensions. The Bloodstone crashed on Earth, where its remnants were discovered by Ulysses.

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When the Bloodstone was embedded within his chest, Ulysses was granted extraordinary powers of strength, speed, healing, and the ability to withstand vampires. However, his powers also had a cost; every other member of his tribe was killed by the Bloodstone. Alien conquerors traveled to Earth in search of the mysterious artifact, but Ulysses pursued them for thousands of years.

Ulysses appeared in a few more Marvel storylines where he joined the superhero team known as the “Monster Hunters” in 1998’s Marvel Universe and 2000’s Marvel: The Lost Generation. More details about his backstory were developed in the 1990s run of Captain America. Although Ulysses ultimately sacrifices himself to defeat his alien pursuers, the Bloodstone itself survived to cause more havoc.

The Bloodstone Family

Following Ulysses’ death, the Bloodstone is divided into two pieces. They are given to Ulyesses’ children, Elsa and Cullen, and grant them magical abilities. Elsa starred in her own 2001 miniseries Bloodstone. With her feisty attitude and existential anxieties, Elsa’s characterizations were compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However, Bloodstone writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning claimed that they had never seen an episode of Buffy.

Elsa’s portion of the Bloodstone allowed her to join several other superhero teams. In the 2006 series Maxwave, Elsa joins Monica Rambeau, Tabitha Smith, Aaron Stack/the Machine Man, and the new character “the Captain” to form the “Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort.” Maxwave was notable for its extreme violence and comedic sensibilities, which satirized the state of the Marvel universe. Elsa herself later appeared in Legion of Monsters, Avengers World, Civil War II, Monsters Unleashed, and Damnation.

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Cullen and his portion of the Bloodstone starred in the 2014 series Avengers Undercover. The supervillain Arcade captures Cullen and many other teenagers and forces them to fight to the death in Murderworld. His Bloodstone ring allows him to transform into a monster called a “Glartrox” that feeds on fear and anger. He trains under Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan to master his monstrous alter-ego.

The Bloodstone Marvel

The Bloodstone in ‘Werewolf by Night’

Werewolf by Night has many nods to the Bloodstone’s history in the comics. Verussa gathers the monster hunters in Bloodstone Manor, where the relic itself is still intact. Ulysses’ corpse (Richard Nixon) explains the gem’s powers to the mercenaries that have gathered, but he does not reveal its origins. After Verussa is killed by Ted (Carey Jones), Elsa takes control of both the Bloodstone and the manor.

Although a continuation of Werewolf by Night has not been confirmed, Kevin Feige has stated that it will be “very important” in the Multiverse Saga. Considering the Bloodstone’s powers to cross dimensions, Elsa could find herself in league with other horror-themed MCU heroes like Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac) and Blade (Mahershela Ali).

Why does Elsa want the Bloodstone?

There are several reasons why Elsa desires the Bloodstone. It is a formidable weapon that can be utilized to defend her from her adversaries, to start. It is thought that vampires and other supernatural beings can be repelled by the Bloodstone. Additionally, it can improve the user’s durability, strength, and speed.

In addition, the Bloodstone is a dynasty possession. Monster hunter Elsa’s father used the Bloodstone to defend his family and himself. Elsa aspires to carry on her father’s work by battling evil with the Bloodstone.

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Third, there is a lot of power coming from the Bloodstone. Although Elsa is an expert monster hunter, she is aware that the power of the Bloodstone could increase her effectiveness even more. She desires to use the Bloodstone to ward off evil energies from the planet.

Apart from these justifications, Elsa also desires the Bloodstone since it is legally hers. She thinks she is the only one who can actually use the power that her father gave her.

Elsa desires the Bloodstone for a number of reasons overall. It is a family heritage, a formidable weapon, and an enormous power source. her feels that only her has the true ability to use the Bloodstone to ward off evil in the world.

How powerful is the Bloodstone Marvel?

A potent relic, the Bloodstone bestows upon its wielder extraordinary strength, speed, durability, reflexes, and endurance. In addition, it has the ability to repel vampires and other supernatural beings and has a regenerative healing element.

The Bloodstone Marvel

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