Is Catwoman Marvel? Daredevil Is Attracted To Danger?

Is Catwoman Marvel? Daredevil Is Attracted To Danger?  You know what Picasso used to say. Good artists copy, Great artists steal. In the world of comics, and more specifically in superhero comics, the differences between plagiarism and inspiration are so blurred that the public often ends up confusing totally different characters. This is the case of Black Cat and Catwoman.

Although the first is called Felicia Hardy, is part of Marvel, and belongs to the Spider-Man imaginary, we often think of her as the second, one who is inspired by the alter ego of Selina Kyle, who comes from the DC Comics universe and is the one who usually brings poor Batman upside down. The confusion is understandable since both wear black leather, and are two skilled thieves who play the role of antihero and adopt the personality of a cat, maintaining peculiar tug-of-war romances with the superheroes of their respective sagas.

Catwoman Marvel

Is Catwoman Marvel?

There are many characters in comics who could be viewed as copies of other characters, but in the case of Marvel’s Black Cat, it’s been revealed that she’s actually much different from DC comics’s Catwoman.

Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat is in a bit of a jam currently. In her youth she was the protege of a world-renowned thief named the Black Fox. But she didn’t study under him alone. She had a rival named Tamara Blake, who has recently resurfaced and stolen the Iron Cat armor that was created for Black Cat by Tony Stark. Using this armor, Tamara seeks to gain her revenge on Black Cat, whom she blames for the death of their mentor.

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In Iron Cat #2 by Jed MacKay and Pere Perez, Tamara recollects her time alongside the young Black Cat when they were still training to be master thieves. Felicia actually grew up with wealth, so she didn’t need to steal to survive. Instead, she stole for the fun of it. Crime was considered a game to her, one that she always wanted to win. This is in contrast to Tamara, who took her job as a thief very seriously. She grew resentful of Felicia, whom she viewed as reckless and could endanger them all.

It’s ironic that Catwoman would also feel the same way. Because of the many similarities between them, it’s easy to believe that Catwoman and Black Cat are essentially the same character. They are both skilled cat-burglars and occasional anti-heroes who dress in black, have “cat” in their name, and have romances with the superheroes who often pursue them. But these similarities are all skin deep. Below the surface Catwoman and Black Cat are far different individuals.

As stated before, Felicia Hardy grew up wealthy and steals for fun and the thrill of it. Selena Kyle aka Catwoman is the exact opposite. She grew up poor and steals for money. In fact, she views herself as a protector of the downtrodden and the neighborhood in which she lives. She has become Catwoman out of necessity rather than any drive towards an adrenaline fueled adventure.

She has a duty to perform. In contrast, Black Cat gets off on her role either as a superhero or villain. She doesn’t feel like she has a duty or obligation to do the things that she does. Instead, she steals and fights because she enjoys it. In this regard, any fan who takes the time to learn about these characters would know that Black Cat and Catwoman truly are very different.

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Catwoman Marvel

Zazie Beetz Wants To Become The Next Catwoman

Superheors are an integral part of the culture that many people grew up with, therefore, it’s not surprising just how much influence they have on modern society. But taking a bird’s eye view of this culture, we also see that characters apart from these empowered individuals also have a big hand in enhancing their appeal. Catwoman is a big part of the reason why Batman is so popular, so much so that she became an icon in pop culture and gave rise to a new antagonistic genre of female characters called cat burglars.

Therefore, the intention of bringing the anti-hero into the film industry was a plan that Warner Bros. had back in the early 2000s. Thus in 2004, we got Halle Berry to play the role of Patience Phillips, the titular protagonist in Catwoman. But the plan failed miserably, and the character since then has never been seen in her solo movie. But in a recent interview, Marvel star Zazie Beetz, who played Domino in Deadpool 3 stated that she would love to play the character if she got the chance. She said:

“She’s just so iconic, and it’s already been done so many times, I don’t know, she’s just cool, and I feel like I am a cat at heart myself.”

Despite sounding defeated by the fact that there are so many iterations of the character, the actress still holds hope that she might one day be able to don the catsuit.

Why Did Catwoman Fail?

While the attempt and intention may have been admirable to bring the femme fatale of the Batman series in her solo adventure, the execution of Catwoman was disastrous, to say the least.

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There was just no reason for the audience to indulge in the film as there was no mention of the vigilante of Gotham City whatsoever, which made it feel too disjointed. Not to mention, the film tried to oversexualize the character, much more than what was necessary. Also, solo female superhero flicks weren’t all the craze back then, which also added to the bomb at the box office.

Daredevil Is Attracted To Danger

Daredevil is, in many ways, like Batman. Both heroes experienced tragic losses as children, fueling their quests for vengeance and justice. Both have developed romantic relationships with heroes and villains. Daredevil has dated many Marvel characters, including Black Widow, Black Cat, and Elektra.

Selina was an ex-criminal like Black Cat, who ultimately sided with the hero that pursued them for years, and Catwoman is a skilled fighter like Black Widow, with a complicated past like Elektra. Daredevil shares many traits with Batman, as Catwoman shares many with Daredevil’s love interests. It makes sense that they could also gravitate towards each other.

War Machine Is A More Compassionate Iron Man

Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are similar characters in that they’re both billionaires who use their fortunes to fund their heroic adventures. They both use gadgets and advanced technology to account for their lack of powers, and they both fund their superhero teams. Despite their similarities, Bruce and Tony are very different people.

Selina Kyle would probably never fall for someone like Tony. However, she could fall in love with someone like James Rhodes. Rhodey is much more trustworthy and compassionate than Tony. Rhodey recently had a close relationship with Carol Danvers during Civil War II. Whereas Selina would find Tony obnoxious, she’d find Rhodey endearing and more transparent.

Catwoman Marvel

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