Who is The Most Powerful Marvel Character?  What is this?

Who is The Most Powerful Marvel Character? Marvel has a massive catalog of characters in its comic book history – somewhere around the range of 8000 staple characters, and exponentially more if you count ancillary, one-offs, and multiverse versions of folks. Only a small fraction of these have been introduced to the big and small screens, so many in the larger public know little about the expansively populated universe encompassed by the Marvel brand.

While we have seen quite a few extremely powerful heroes and villains in live-action, the vast majority of the most potent Marvel entities haven’t made their way off the comic book page yet. And so, we present you with the 20 most powerful Marvel characters, ranked according to utility of abilities.

It should be noted, though, that for the sake of not boring readers with a bunch of unknown names and Lovecraftian space monsters, Eternals, Celestials, and cosmic beings have been left off the list. And when I say cosmic beings, I mean true cosmic beings, not aliens or Earth-born spacefarers, so let’s not hit the Twitter comments with our superior Marvel prowess all at once. We’re well aware that your nerd knowledge is infallible.

The Most Powerful Marvel Character

Who is The Most Powerful Marvel Character?

It’s debatable who the strongest Marvel character is, although some of the most frequently mentioned candidates are:

  • The One Above All is the ultimate entity in the Marvel Universe, possessing omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence.
  • The Beyonder is a cosmic entity with immense power that includes the capacity to control energy and reality.
  • Molecule Man: Molecule Man possesses tremendous power due to his capacity to manipulate matter at the molecular level.
  • Franklin Richards: The Fantastic Four member Sue Storm and Reed Richards’ mutant son is Franklin Richards. He has a wide range of abilities, such as the capacity to generate matter and energy, alter reality, and travel across time and space.
  • Celestials: Extremely strong and intellectual celestial creatures, the Celestials are a race. They have engaged in combat with the One Above All and have been known to both create and destroy galaxies.
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Since each of these characters has unique abilities that are frequently hard to compare, it is challenging to declare with certainty which of them is the most strong. All of them are regarded as some of the most potent entities in the Marvel Universe, nevertheless.

Marvel has a plethora of additional formidable characters than the ones mentioned above, like the Hulk, Dormammu, Galactus, and Thanos. The Marvel character with the greatest potential to vanquish the current threat is ultimately the most powerful one.

Jean Grey

While technically dead as of the moment of writing, ‘death’ doesn’t mean much to the former Phoenix, and she’s currently appearing in her own series from Louise Jones Simonson and Bernard Chang, fighting her way back to life. Considered the most powerful mutant alive by Orchis – a human supremacist group who just killed most everyone else on that list – Jean’s power has only grown over the years, with her recent appearances in X-Men and King in Black seeing her compete with above-godlike entities such as Knull and Nightmare.

At the Hellfire Gala, despite being ambushed with magical poison, Jean managed to telekinetically restrain thousands of people, rewrite Doctor Stasis’ memories, and telepathically communicate with various friends and allies. Codenamed “Omega-One” by Orchis, Jean is no longer the host of the Phoenix Force, but she’s reached a comparable level of power to when the cosmic firebird had its hooks in her soul.

Scarlet Witch

In current Marvel Comics, it’s hard to pick between Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch as the ultimate magic user, but Wanda Maximoff wins by a hair. Her recent feats include creating a magical afterlife for all mutants who ever died (a waiting room from which they can eventually be resurrected) and consuming the Elder God Chthon and his spellbook, the Darkhold.

While many expected Wanda to lose control of this new power, she’s instead mastered it, and has set up shop in Steve Orlando and Sara Pichelli’s ongoing Scarlet Witch, helping literally anyone who asks. There’s a definite sense that if she wanted to be the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange would be out of a job.

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Having fully, truly succeeded Odin following the All-Father’s death, Thor commands his usual Hulk-level strength, and the enhanced power that comes with ruling Asgard. However, he’s also collected the Power Cosmic (by personally executing Galactus), and also wields still-burgeoning fire powers thanks to his recently revealed connection to the Phoenix Force. Recently receiving a new title in Al Ewing and Martín Cóccolo’s Immortal Thor, Thor is as far above the god he used to be as Odin ever was.

The Most Powerful Marvel Character

The Children of the Vault

Currently (and somewhat surprisingly) enjoying their own miniseries from Deniz Camp and Luca Maresca, the Children of the Vault are competing for the lofty title of the X-Men’s weirdest enemies. Hyper-evolved humans created using the Vault – an enclosed sci-fi city where time passes at a far faster rate – the Children of the Vault are incredibly powerful beings bred to take ownership of the planet from mutantkind. X-Men #15 confirmed (via a 1:1 simulation of reality) that the latest generation of the Children of the Vault are so powerful, they could cleanse the Earth of all rival superhumans in a matter of days – the only thing that has stopped them doing so is that the X-Men used psychic trickery to convince them it had already been accomplished.

Of course, with the recent Mutant Massacre, they’re now free from that misapprehension, and – suffering a species-wide midlife crisis now that mutants are all but extinct, and their defining enemy is gone – have decided to present themselves to the world as heroes… by using a powerful mind virus to force the population to love and trust them. Cable and Bishop are on the case, but the Children have already proved they could kill everyone on this list so far, as well as Hulk, Ghost Rider, and Doctor Doom.

The King in Black (aka Meridius, aka Eddie Brock)

After defeating Knull in The King in Black, the former Venom Eddie Brock took his place as the ultimate embodiment of primordial darkness, then things got complicated. Essentially, Eddie became an immortal consciousness that can travel through time and space with almost no effort. His new time-traveling adventures led him to encounter the terrifying Meridius – the final King in Black, and the leader of a whole group of Kings who will follow on after Eddie’s reign.

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However, the jaw-dropping twist of Al Ewing, Ram V, Bryan Hitch and a range of other artists’ Venom is that Meridius is Eddie Brock – just millions upon millions of years down his personal timeline (and each of the other Kings are just points on the journey.) Hating how his role as King in Black turned out, Meridius is playing a long, complex game to try and alter the timeline, with heavyweights like Doctor Doom and Kang little more than pawns on his board.

One Above All/One Below All

The One Above All still sits at the top of the tree, but that position is looking a lot shakier than it ever has before, with the Mother of Horrors and the Enigma suggesting there are forces out there even Marvel’s supreme being needs to fear. Often presented as the combined creative energy of all the writers and artists who have contributed to Marvel mythology, the One Above All rules over every reality in the multiverse, enforcing the highest cosmic laws.

However, Al Ewing and Joe Bennett’s Immortal Hulk revealed that the One Above All has a dark side – the monstrous One Below All, who seeks to end the cycle of creation. As part of the Mother of Horrors’ introduction, fans learned that the One Below All came into existence when the One Above All discovered she had created her own life – essentially enraging the supreme being so much, it manifested its own Hulk, bent on destruction.

The two co-exist, and rule over a pantheon of beings who represent its interests by embodying core aspects of reality – the Living Tribunal, Infinity, Eternity, Lord Chaos, Master Order, and various other Cosmic Entities who are more ideas than actual living people (but who could fill out this list on their own, in an order that would likely never change.)

The Most Powerful Marvel Character

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