Why DC better than Marvel? DC Created The First Superheroes?

Why is DC better than Marvel? DC Created The First Superheroes? The first transgender superhero on television, Dreamer, appeared for the first time in the DCU making an extraordinary entrance to Superman’s impenetrable fortress in Superman Son of Kal El #13. Nia Nal is not the first DC transgender superhero to make history, and as hardcore fans already know, Kate Godwin (aka Coagula) was one of the first transgender women to ever appear in a comic book.

In its LGBTQ+ inclusion and representation, DC has proven many times to be ahead of Marvel. And this, among other factors, has convinced many superhero fans that DC is better. However, according to Redditors, there are other things worthy of mention that make DC the best company between the two.

Why is DC better than Marvel?

Two of the biggest comic book publishers worldwide are DC Comics and Marvel Comics. The tales of these two corporations’ venerable superheroes and villains have been transformed into innumerable motion pictures, television series, and video games.

Since it is a matter of taste, there is no one correct response to the question of which company is superior. There are a few reasons, nevertheless, why some people would think DC is superior to Marvel.

Formed in 1934, DC Comics has a lengthier history than Marvel Comics, which was formed in 1939. This indicates that DC has had more time to create its narratives and characters. Consequently, DC characters are sometimes regarded as having greater fame and iconic appeal than Marvel ones.

More complexity: It’s common knowledge that DC characters have more subtleties and depth than Marvel ones. This is due to the fact that DC characters frequently face with challenging moral decisions and personal tragedies. Superman, for instance, must continuously balance his desire to aid others with his dread of coming out as the real him. Batman needs to process the trauma of seeing his parents killed.

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Stories from DC are generally regarded as being more nuanced and mature than those from Marvel. This is due to the fact that DC stories frequently address difficult subjects like good vs evil, free will versus determinism, and the nature of power. For instance, The Sandman’s tale addresses the nature of dreams and reality, while Watchmen’s tale delves into the sinister side of superheroism.

Of course, there are further explanations for why certain individuals might favor Marvel over DC. Marvel characters, for instance, are frequently thought to be more approachable than DC figures. Marvel characters also typically have stories that are lighter and funnier.

Whether DC is superior to Marvel depends on personal taste in the end. Fans can choose between the two companies as they both have a lot to offer, and it’s up to them.

DC better than Marvel

DC Created The First Superheroes

Redditor adalberh commented, “DC created the first ‘superhero’- Superman. DC created the first female superhero – Wonder Woman.” Although, according to Guinness World Records, the first superhero was “The Phantom,” who was created in 1936 and was subsequently followed by Superman (1938) and Batman (1939).

The first superhero woman, however, was Fantomah (1940), which belonged to Nedor Comics, but Wonder Woman made her debut the next year, and Marvel took a long time before including a female superhero in their comics. Therefore, even if they weren’t actually the first superheroes, their iconic heroes did premiere before those at Marvel. It is also worthy of admiration that DC included a groundbreaking female protagonist in the early 40s.

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DC Has Better Comics Than Marvel

User ArashiRyu13 pointed out, “Marvel is great at making movies, while DC is great at making comics. You only get 1-2 Marvel movies a year, while you get great comics every month,” and many fans who follow both companies are most likely to agree.

The MCU might have the upper hand in some cinematic aspects, but when it comes to comic book quality, many fans vote that DC is still the best one there is. Most importantly, attention to art and design is praised by comic connoisseurs, who also admire the consistent quality of their literature. Of course, at the end of the day, taste is taste, and both publishing powerhouses have legions of fans (plenty of which enjoy both brands).

DC Has Better Female Characters Than Marvel

Redditor rxmnants recognized how DC has many endearing and compelling female superheroes and villains that Marvel seems to lack. She pointed out, “Women read comics, too,” and shared how, when it comes to female characters, she feels “like DC has a better variety for that.”

DC has many strong female superheroes like Wonder Woman and introduced the third female superhero of all time, Supergirl, in 1959. For many, DC has more important and recognizable female superhero leads and also the best all-female team, Birds of Prey.

DC better than Marvel

DC Has Better Villains Than Marvel

Redditor myangelofthenight simply mentioned “villains” as the reason that they prefer DC, and many others agreed. Antagonists in DC are more memorable, rich, and iconic. Consequently, in contrast to Marvel’s bad guys, characters like the Joker and Harley Quinn have their own shows and movies and are also remembered as the most intelligent villains in DC.

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User stefonio made a very interesting observation on the topic and added, “a good handful of Marvel villains are just the hero, but bad […] there’s a lot of mirrored pairs. DC isn’t immune, but its flagship cast is a lot more diverse with Batman/Joker, Superman/Doomsday, Wonder Woman/Cheetah,” which may be the reason why DC villains are so special.

DC Has Better Sidekicks Than Marvel

StannisTheHero mentioned, “DC has a stronger emphasis on legacy characters and sidekicks, which are both concepts that I really enjoy,” which is definitely true. Marvel has sidekicks, but they do not come close to DC’s most important and valuable characters that help the main superhero, and far fewer have gone on to eventually take their mentor’s mantle.

Batman alone has many memorable sidekicks, which include several Robins, Cassandra Cain, James Gordon, and Oracle, to name a few. DC has embraced the fact that most of the time, superheroes can’t do everything on their own, and they usually need someone to be by their side; and they have succeeded in the creation of incredible helpers.

DC Heroes Are Something To Aspire To

It is commonly pointed out that Marvel’s superheroes are more relatable than DC’s, and for the same reason, they are better. However, there are readers that want to read comics about superheroes because they want to escape reality and not be reminded of it. When heroes are something to aspire to, like DC’s characters, they are more interesting and intriguing.

Redditor BobbySaccaro explained it better and said, “I actually mildly prefer the aspirational nature of DC vs. the “reality” of Marvel.” This is, again, a matter of taste, but there’s no denying that DC generally focuses on larger, more powerful characters and events. While some readers that prefer Marvel find the lack of relatability dull, DC fans can’t get enough of the larger-than-life content.

DC better than Marvel

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