Who is Thanos Marvel? What is this Thanos Marvel about?

Who is Thanos Marvel? Thanos is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer-artist Jim Starlin, the character first appeared in The Invincible Iron Man #55 (cover date February 1973). An Eternal–Deviant warlord from the moon Titan, Thanos is regarded as one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. He has clashed with many heroes including the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Fantastic Four, the Eternals, and the X-Men.

In creating Thanos, Starlin drew inspiration from Jack Kirby’s New Gods series for DC Comics, particularly the character of Darkseid. Thanos is usually portrayed as a villain, although many stories depict him as believing his actions to be justified. Perhaps the character’s best-known storyline is The Infinity Gauntlet (1991), the culmination of several story arcs that see him gather the six Infinity Gems and use them to kill half of the universe’s population, including many of its heroes, to woo Mistress Death, the living embodiment of death in the Marvel Universe. Although these events were later undone, the storyline has remained one of the most popular published by Marvel.

Who is Thanos Marvel?

Thanos was a genocidal warlord from Titan, whose objective was to bring stability to the universe by wiping out half of all life at every level, as he believed its massive population would inevitably use up the universe’s entire supply of resources and perish.

To complete this goal, Thanos set about hunting down all the Infinity Stones, being confident that the combined force of the Stones would grant him sufficient power. Thanos forged alliances with Loki and Ronan the Accuser in order to track down some of the Stones.

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However, both alliances cost Thanos much of his resources, including the Mind Stone and the loyalty of his daughters, Gamora and Nebula. Fed up with all his subordinates’ ongoing failures, Thanos made the decision to seek and procure the Stones himself, and he began by forcing Eitri to create the Infinity Gauntlet for him so that he would be able to wield the power of the Stones safely.

Thanos then engaged in a ferocious crusade in order to obtain the Infinity Stones. During his mission, both Thanos and his Black Order invaded multiple planets and slaughtered thousands to gain the stones, including Loki and the Asgardians. This quest even forced Thanos to sacrifice his beloved Gamora, in order to take the Soul Stone.

Thanos soon found himself challenged by the alliances of the entire universe’s greatest heroes, which included the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. However, despite facing off against the powerfully combined opposition and the wrath of Thor, Thanos still ultimately triumphed as he completed the Infinity Gauntlet, using it to finally complete his goal through the Snap, which resulted in half of all life in the universe being wiped out with a mere snap of his fingers. Following his Snap, Thanos had then ensured this could never be undone by destroying all of the Infinity Stones, resulting in the Avengers tracking him down on Planet 0259-S, where Thor executed him with Stormbreaker.

Thanos Marvel

Thanos Is The Avatar Of Death, Strong Enough To Kill Entire Universes

In The Thanos Imperative by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Miguel Sepulveda, the nightmarish Old Ones known as the Many-Angled Ones that invaded the Cancerverse, killing Death in their wake, breached the multiversal veil and had begun their invasion of Earth-616. To stop them, the Guardians of the Galaxy went with Thanos to the Cancerverse.

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Being the Avatar of Death, Thanos was able to literally bring Death back to that swirling hellscape of a reality, and Death Herself made quick work of the entities that eliminated her before. Thanos fulfilled his cosmic purpose of keeping life in-check as an effectively immortal bringer of Death, and in doing so, he displayed his full power.

Throughout this storyline, Thanos not only proved to be unkillable (which he initially took as Death’s rejection of him), but he was also quite literally Death’s right-hand man. In every way that matters, Thanos essentially aimed Death at an entire universe, and pulled the proverbial trigger to wipe out every trace of the Cancerverse’s unnatural life.

This is an ability even some of the most obscenely overpowered entities in the Marvel Universe don’t have access to, with even Death Herself having been unable to do so alone. In fact, this power was so terrifyingly immense, that the Guardians of the Galaxy feared Thanos would use it against Earth-616 after the Cancerverse threat was eliminated, and opted to maroon him in the universe he killed. The only way the Guardians knew to stop Thanos after witnessing this moment, was to essentially crush him under the weight of a dying reality – that’s how powerful he became as the Avatar of Death.

Thanos has always seen himself as a harbinger of death, as his obsession with the living embodiment of Death has been something he’s lived with since he was a boy. However, it wasn’t until Death granted him the title of her living Avatar that he truly reached his peak, as that cosmic title reveals why Thanos is so powerful in Marvel lore.

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Thanos Marvel

Thanos’ Cosmic Title Reveals The Real Reason He’s So Powerful in Marvel Lore

Thanos is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, even without the aid of cosmic artifacts like the Infinity Gauntlet or the Cosmic Cube, and his official title within the hierarchy of the very fabric of reality explains exactly how Thanos reached this level of unfathomable strength.

From birth, Thanos was already incredibly strong due to his heritage alone. An Eternal born with Deviant syndrome (which was later explained to be a deliberate mutation to create the strongest Eternal), Thanos was effectively a mortal god when compared to the vast majority of lifeforms in the universe – including and especially those of Earth.

However, his baseline power-set wasn’t enough for Thanos, as he spent the majority of his adult life (before becoming a prominent Avengers villain) seeking forbidden sciences which enhanced his body and mind in ways that he never dreamt possible. With every victory, Thanos slowly became something far greater than an Eternal, until he eventually claimed a title that granted him the greatest upgrade of them all: Avatar of Death.

Thanos Marvel

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