Where to watch Marvel’s Runaways? What is this movie about?

Where to watch Marvel’s Runaways? You can no longer stream Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu or Disney+, as the show has been removed from streaming services. It was recently reported that a purge was taking place at Disney+ with several movies and shows getting removed for the sake of cutting costs. Per /Film, it’s since been revealed that Runaways has also been pulled, no longer available on Hulu in the U.S. and Disney+ internationally as it had been up to this point. As the show hasn’t been given a physical release, Runaways is now inaccessible, and the news has some fans of the show feeling unhappy.

Where to watch Marvel’s Runaways?

You can watch Marvel’s Runaways on Amazon Prime Video. Are you interested in learning more about the characters or the show’s plot?

Marvel's Runaways

Marvel’s Runaways Goes to the Vault

Marvel’s Runaways was created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. The show is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and follows a group of teenagers uniting against their supervillain parents, a criminal group called The Pride. It starred Rhenzy Feliz (Alex Wilder), Lyrica Okano (Nico Minoru), Virginia Gardner (Karolina Dean), Ariela Barer (Gertrude Yorkes), Gregg Sulkin (Chase Stein), and Allegra Acosta (Molly Hayes Hernandez).

Last year, Gardner addressed the possibility of revisiting Runaways in some way, as the continuation of the MCU keeps the door open for a potential return one day. She is keeping that door open, reflecting on how fun it was to be a part of the show. With that said, she also said she was happy with the way Runaways ended with its third season.

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“It was so fun getting to fly on the wires, light up, and use all those superhero powers. It really is such a fun world to be part of,” she told ComicBookMovie. “I would feel so fortunate to ever come back to that world. I think when the show ended, it was really wrapped up nicely and it was around the time a lot was changing with the Disney+/Marvel world. I think it all came to an end when it was meant to.”

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue to expand regardless, having released its latest chapter with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. On the small screen, the MCU will be further explored in Secret Invasion, a six-episode series coming to Disney+ on June 21. It may be worth checking out that series as soon as possible upon its release as there’s no telling when it, or any other Marvel show, could be pulled from streaming.

Disney+ X-Men ’97 Funko Pop Release Unexpectedly Revealed the Series’ Big Villain

The imminent X-Men ’97, a reboot embracing the mutant universe on Disney+, slyly disclosed its secret villain – The Goblin Queen – through newly minted merchandise from Funko. It’s a revelation, of sorts, that comic enthusiasts might have anticipated, yet the casual viewers of the animated series might find themselves in the murky waters of surprise.

The reboot is a heartfelt nod and continuation of the much-adored ‘90s series, X-Men: The Animated Series, representing the mutants’ initial endeavor within the expansive domain of Marvel Studios. While vintage adversaries like Magneto are secured a place in this refreshed animated exploration, the stage is also set alight with numerous new characters, expanding the rich and complex X-Men narrative. And with Marvel Studios wielding the reins for the mutants’ adventures this time, expectations are towering.

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Funko, a brand synonymous with cultivating a bridge between fans and their favored cinematic universes through their Pop! figures, inadvertently offered a glimpse into a forthcoming adversary from X-Men ’97 – the formidable Goblin Queen. The figure, characterized by vibrant, cascading red hair, a dark suit, and an expansive, red-and-black cape, showcases the Goblin Queen, also known as Madelyne Pryor, with an infant cradled in her left arm.

Marvel's Runaways

The Intricate and Dark Realm of the Goblin Queen Previewed Ahead of X-Men ’97

Madelyne Pryor is no stranger to the alleys and avenues of the X-Men comic world. The character, after being introduced in Uncanny X-Men #168 back in April 1983, has crafted a network of complexity throughout the universe. Pryor, becoming the Goblin Queen in a dark deal with demons S’ym and N’astirh and spiraling into an abyss of madness in her pursuit of the Marauders, has always posed a surreal and potent threat to the X-Men.

If the child she safeguards in the figure reflects the narratives of the comics, it is indeed Scott Summers’ (Cyclops) mutant son, linking back to the poignant and tumultuous relationship between Scott and Madelyne, one that is intertwined with elements of romance, separation, and an eventual descent into distinct paths following the birth of their child, Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, later known as the powerhouse – Cable.

The Goblin Queen’s mutant abilities, stemmed from her being a clone of Jean Grey, include staggering reality manipulation and telepathy, enabling her to craft physical objects from the non-existent and permeate the thoughts of others, respectively. The figure unveiling seems to imply that the animated series will, in parts, delve into this intricate and dark narrative, potentially exploring the layers and convolutions of her character in the rich tapestry that X-Men ’97 is anticipated to weave.

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Prior to this revealing Goblin Queen Funko, X-Men ’97 has been teased and celebrated through various merchandise, each highlighting an elaborate and diverse cast, promising a narrative both nostalgic and refreshing. While the initial introduction of X-Men ’97 was made public at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, its journey to our screens has witnessed numerous halts and delays, with the release now eyed for early 2024 on Disney+.

Despite these setbacks, the anticipation and zeal surrounding the series, not only from its patiently waiting audience but from its cast and crew, have not waned. Lenore Zane, the voice behind Rogue, has proclaimed the upcoming series a “wild ride” and earnestly admitted to Rogue being the “favorite character [she’s] played to date.” The animated series, situated at the inception of the X-Men’s foray into the MCU – ahead of Deadpool 3 and a live-action reboot – is envisaged to not merely build upon, but elevate the MCU into unexplored territories.

Marvel's Runaways

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