Is Wolverine Marvel or DC? What is this Wolverine about?

Is Wolverine Marvel or DC? Wolverine is the best there is at what he does, and even DC Comics noticed that. Marvel made a lot of money with Wolverine copies, and DC wanted to get in on that game as well. Wolverine’s massive popularity saw the creation of many characters that used some Wolverine DNA in their design. On top of that, there are DC characters that are older than Wolverine but are either Wolverine ancestors or were brought closer to the character later.

For Wolverine fans, there are a lot of characters over at DC that they could get into. Some of them are more blatant Wolverine clones than others, but all of them would be familiar to Wolverine fans.

Is Wolverine Marvel or DC?

Wolverine is a character that exists within the Marvel comics universe and is set to make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as part of 2024’s Deadpool 3.

Wolverine is one of Marvel’s most iconic characters and a key member of the X-Men. The character was created by Len Wein alongside artist John Romita and first appeared in 1974’s The Incredible Hulk #180.

In terms of the film universe, Wolverine first appeared in 2000’s X-Men and was a key character in the franchise that followed, portrayed by Hugh Jackman in all sequels as well as two solo films. Due to Sony owning the rights to the X-Men characters, Wolverine has not yet crossed over into Disney’s MCU, but it will finally be happening in the next 12 months.

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 Wolverine Marvel or DC

Amalgam Universe Turned Wolverine into an Artist

In Legends of the Dark Claw #1 by Larry Hama and Jim Balent, readers are introduced to the titular Dark Claw who came into being after the DC and Marvel Universes were merged into one known as the Amalgam Universe. Dark Claw is the combination of Wolverine and Batman, but this mash-up is a bit different from some of the others.

In an entirely different Amalgam comic, Bruce Wayne is an agent of SHIELD. This means that Bruce Wayne didn’t merge with James Howlett, Batman merged with Wolverine–which is a very significant distinction. Unlike an Amalgam character like, say, Speed Demon, which is the perfect amalgamation of Barry Allen and Johnny Blaze, Dark Claw is more like a ‘What If…?’ comic exploring the possibility of how things would be if Wolverine became Batman.

However, there is one thing that Dark Claw has that Wolverine doesn’t: Bruce Wayne’s wealth. Apparently the cosmic gods that created this reality know that being Batman is expensive, and Dark Claw found a way to ensure that cash never stops flowing–by being a famous painter.

In the comic, Carol Danvers aka the Huntress breaks into Dark Claw’s penthouse and stumbles into his art studio. She notes that his artwork is incredibly valuable, even commenting on the style itself with at least a hint of admiration. Dark Claw’s style is marked by one main thing: three parallel slashes seemingly sliced right into the canvas.

Carol even reiterates what one critic said about them, that they, “Possess the fury of feral slashes”. This comment speaks volumes to where the inspiration from this artwork originated, and it wasn’t from any part of Batman. Batman has undergone ninja training of the highest order, and works deliberately to let out his pent-up aggression in the most constructive ways possible.

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This is one of the main reasons Batman can tangle with the likes of cosmic gods without powers, his mind is his greatest weapon, and he has full control over it at all times. Wolverine, on the other hand, does not. Logan regularly allows his anger to control him, so it only makes sense that when he was merged with Batman, he found a much more constructive way to release that aggression. The thing is, though, that this would mean Wolverine doesn’t necessarily need Batman’s influence to do this, and can be a great artist on his own.

If nothing else, this comic book proved that Wolverine has what it takes to make it as a professional painter. All he did was express his aggression on the canvas, and everyone loved him for it. If Wolverine could become honest and solitarily vulnerable enough to take hold of his mind and focus his pent-up rage in a creative way like he did with Batman’s influence, he could show everyone that he has the potential to be something other than a superhero–to be a great artist.

Wolverine Marvel or DC

Damian Wayne And Wolverine Are More Similar Than They Seem

Damian Wayne may not seem like a Wolverine clone, but there are some definite similarities. For example, Damian was subjected to training and experimentation, just like the famous mutant. Damian is a trained ninja who is a master swordsman. He has no problem killing bad guys and both he and Wolverine are children of privilege, although that had different outcomes.

Damian Wayne definitely played on tropes that Wolverine made popular. There are some differences in personality, but there are a lot of similarities between them as well, although Damian isn’t exactly a complete Wolverine clone.

Hawk Got More Like Wolverine Over The Years

Hawk is a character who predates Wolverine, but later incarnations of the character would definitely take on some of Wolverine’s attributes. Hawk was empowered by the Lords of Chaos, so he was always the more violent part of the Hawk and Dove pair. However, in the Silver Age, that was pretty tame compared to the character’s return in the late ’80s.

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Anti-heroes like Wolverine made violent heroes more acceptable, and Hawk was made into a berserker like the Marvel mutant. This was explained as a result of the death of his brother Don, the first Dove. Hawk was especially Wolverine-like when drawn by Rob Liefeld, but the same can be said for lots of Liefeld-drawn characters.

Pantha Gave The Teen Titans Their Own Wolverine-Like Character

Wolverine changed the way comic teams work. A lot of teams put characters like him into their rosters. Sometimes, they were violent mysterious characters. Other times they were animalistic violent characters. Pantha was of the second type. Created by the Wildebeest Society, she joined the Teen Titans to battle against her creators.

Pantha played into the optics of an animalistic hero with claws. She was created and manipulated by a group of shadowy enemies. Her time with Teen Titans served to teach her control and lent her a family. She even had a mysterious origin, just like Wolverine.

Deathstroke Became An Anti-Hero Because Of Wolverine’s Success

Wolverine wasn’t the first anti-hero, but he made them super popular. At the time, Deathstroke was a very popular villain, and DC decided to go the anti-hero route with him. To do so, they made him much more like Wolverine than he’d already been. They divorced him from the villainy of his past, but kept the violence and gruff demeanor.

For a long time, Deathstroke was basically DC’s Wolverine. He was a popular anti-hero whose solo book sold rather well. Of course, eventually, he went back to being a villain, but there was a time when he was the Wolverine-like standard-bearer of DC.

 Wolverine Marvel or DC

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