Where is Oscar Angulo now 2021? Who are Wolfpack Brothers?

Where is Oscar Angulo now 2021? The Wolfpack is a 2015 American documentary film and now people are more curious to know what happened to The Wolfpack Brothers and this article provides complete details on what happened to The Wolfpack Brothers.

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Where is Oscar Angulo now 2021?

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What Happened to The Wolfpack Brothers?

Crystal Moselle directed The Wolfpack, a 2015 documentary film that tells the story of the Angulo family, who homeschooled and raised their six boys and one girl in their apartment. Several of the brothers have since moved out of the apartment, and Oscar Angulo is no longer residing there.

Their mother, Reisenbichler, shared that she is working on a memoir of her life and time with her children, as well as some children’s books. Josef and Govinda now share an apartment with a friend. When asked about a message for the Turpin siblings, Reisenbichler encouraged them not to lose faith or hope and to reach out to people for support, while Govinda emphasized the importance of connecting with others despite the difficulties.

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Oscar Angulo

Who are The Wolfpack Brothers?

For a period of fourteen years, the Angulo family’s seven children were confined to their apartment in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Among the siblings, there was only one girl, Visnu, and six boys named Bhagavan, Narayana (now known as Josef), Govinda, Mukunda, Krisna (who goes by Glenn now), and Jagadesh (now known as Eddie).

During their confinement, the children were mainly exposed to the outside world through watching films. As a result, they developed an extensive knowledge of various film genres and filmmakers, and they became skilled at reenacting scenes from their favorite movies. In fact, they even began creating their own original films using homemade props and costumes.

The children’s limited exposure to the outside world was a result of their father’s strict beliefs and fears about the dangers of the outside world. As a result, the children were homeschooled and rarely allowed to leave their apartments. However, this extreme confinement eventually led to tension and dissatisfaction among the siblings, with some of them eventually defying their father’s rules and seeking ways to explore the world beyond their apartment.

Where is Wolfpack Brothers Now?

The Angulo brothers gained attention after the release of the 2015 documentary about their unique upbringing in New York City. Here’s what each brother is up to now:

Mukunda Angulo

Mukunda Angulo, who sparked his family’s journey to freedom by venturing outside their apartment alone, has developed an interest in the entertainment industry. He’s excited about the premiere of his recent project, ‘Subject,’ and has appeared in other productions like ‘Sophia’ and ‘C’mon C’mon.’

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Narayana Angulo

Narayana Angulo, now known as Josef Kuehn Reisenbichler, lives in Brooklyn and works in the film industry as a production assistant, lighting assistant, costume assistant, and swing. He’s also a marketing intern and passionate about environmental advocacy.

Oscar Angulo

Bhagavan Angulo

Bhagavan Angulo has dedicated himself to dance and is a corps dancer and instructor for H+, an NGO preserving hip-hop dance culture. He’s also a demi-soloist and props master for Theatre of the Mind (TOTEM) and shares his knowledge of yoga with others.

Jagadisa Angulo

Jagadisa Angulo, now Eddie Vaughan Reisenbichler, prefers to keep his life private but is active in the arts and growing as a musician.

Krsna Angulo

Krsna Angulo, now Glenn Hugues Reisenbichler, shares a passion for music with his brother Eddie but keeps details of his private life under wraps.

Govinda Angulo

Govinda Angulo, the twin to Josef Reisenbichler, works in the entertainment industry in the camera and electrical department and is interested in filmmaking. He’s also passionate about social issues and uses social media to speak out against racism.

Who is Susanne Angulo?

In 2015, Susan Angulo decided to reclaim her maiden name and stopped using her husband’s surname. She now goes by Susanne Reisenbichler and lives in New York City, where she is a strong advocate for women’s rights. Having gone through a traumatic marriage, Susanne strives to help others who may be experiencing similar struggles.

Additionally, she serves as a home educator for the NYC Department of Education. Reports suggest that Susanne has separated from Oscar Angulo and maintains a close relationship with her seven children, who hold great affection for their mother.

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In 2018, Susanne revealed in an interview with ABC that her husband no longer resides in their apartment and that she is currently working on a memoir about her life and time with her children. She also mentioned that she is working on children’s books. When she is not working, Susanne enjoys spending time with her brother and his family, among other loved ones.

Oscar Angulo

Who is Oscar Angulo?

Oscar Angulo is originally from Peru and is the father of the Angulo siblings. He was previously in a relationship with Susanne Reisenbichler, but their marriage was traumatic. For almost fourteen years, as a devout follower of Hare Krishna, he confined his family to their house and kept the only key to himself. This changed in 2010 when Mukunda Angulo bravely left the house, inspiring his siblings to do the same.

As of 2018, it was reported that Oscar was no longer in a relationship with Susanne and had left the house where he had once lived with his family. Despite his past involvement in the music industry as a tour guide, his current whereabouts remain unknown.

The Wolfpack

Crystal Moselle’s 2015 American documentary film, “The Wolfpack,” tells the story of the Angulo family. The family raised their seven children, including six boys and one girl, in an apartment in the Lower East Side of New York City, where they were homeschooled and kept in confinement.

The film made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25, 2015, and won the U.S. Documentary Grand Jury Prize.

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