What time are Disneyland fireworks? What is this about?

What time are Disneyland fireworks? One of the most magical parts of a Disneyland day in 2023 is watching a spectacular Disneyland fireworks show at the end of the night! Here’s everything you need to know about watching fireworks and projections at Disneyland, including times, best viewing locations, themed shows, and more.

A new Disneyland fireworks show is coming in 2023 to honor the 100th Anniversary of The Walt Disney Company with tributes to every Disney Animation film.

What time are Disneyland fireworks?

Typically, “Disneyland Forever,” the nightly fireworks display at Disneyland, starts at 9:30 p.m.; during the colder months, it starts at 9:00 p.m. For the most recent information, it is advisable to visit the Disneyland website or app as the show schedule is subject to change.

Most areas of the park can watch the pyrotechnics, which are fired from boats on Rivers of America. However, the finest viewing areas are on Frontierland, Main Street, or in front of the castle.

The show lasts for around 15 minutes and includes music, lasers, and castle projections. It’s a fantastic way to cap off a fun day at Disneyland.

The following advice will help you acquire the greatest fireworks viewing location:

  • To secure a decent place, get there early. It might be crowded in the viewing areas, especially on weekends and holidays.
  • You may view the fireworks from your accommodation if you are staying at a hotel affiliated with the Disneyland Resort.
  • If you are not a guest at a Disneyland Resort hotel, you can view the fireworks from a boat on the water or from the Rivers of America.
  • Bring a camera so you can record the moments.
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 Disneyland fireworks

Where I Recommend You Watch From with a Family and Why

I haven’t shared much about this, as I don’t want to induce panic in anyone, but the world has gone mad, so now I’m saying it. Before the world went crazy, I watched from this favorite spot and will make every effort to now….especially when my kids are with me.

“it’s a small world” is where I would pick for families again and again. There’s room to spread out and it’s consistently the least crowded option. (Scroll back a bit where I detail what’s around this area, including restrooms, snacks, how to keep kids busy and more.) As a mother, I’m always sensitive to exits and where I would go if something sparked the large crowd of people to move suddenly and forcefully. I have visited the parks hundreds of times with a double stroller and three kids on my own. I’ve considered many situations like this over the years and what capabilities I had if I were in a tough situation.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I do not feel unsafe inside the Disneyland Resort. Not at all. Disney Security is phenomenal and I return to these parks because of that. But, the world is crazy. I know every square inch of Disneyland (slight exaggeration) and even with that knowledge, I wouldn’t feel safe trying to flea a crowd on Main Street or in front of the castle. Not with a double stroller or any stroller, really. “it’s a small world” is on the perimeter of the parks and feels safest to me overall.

Disneyland fireworks

Where to Watch the Show From Outside of Disneyland

If you don’t have a park ticket to enter Disneyland or simply don’t want to deal with the crowds, consider these alternate options for watching fireworks:

  • Set up 15 minutes prior to showtime in the esplanade, which is the area between Disneyland and California Adventure. A crowd gathers each night to watch from this area and it’s a fun place to see the show. Music will be played to accompany the show. You won’t be able to see the castle or the projections, but it’s a simple solution to seeing the fireworks.
  • Arrive about an hour before showtime at Paradise Pier Hotel, outside, on the 3rd floor deck. This option is open to everyone, whether you’re staying at this Disneyland Resort Hotel, another, or none at all. Simply enter the lobby and take the elevator to the third floor. Walk down the hall upon exiting the elevator, through the glass doors that take you outside, to the right and then toward the edge of the outside deck. Grab a drink or snack at the Surfside Lounge in the lobby of the hotel to enjoy during the show.
  • Sometimes, the bar just to the left of the fireworks deck is open, too. It closes promptly at showtime, however, on most nights. Visit this link to see what the view looks like from this option. To get to Paradise Pier Hotel, walk away from the parks, through Downtown Disney, past the Rainforest Cafe and the ESPN Zone, outside of the security checkpoint and then take a left.
  • Follow the sidewalk to the circle drive. Cross it, take a left down the sidewalk toward Disneyland Drive and then take a right on Disneyland Drive. The hotel will be on your right. (You may no longer cut through the Grand Californian Hotel to get to Paradise Pier Hotel.) It will take you about 20 minutes to exit Disneyland and walk to Paradise Pier Hotel. If you have little ones, allow at least 30 minutes, as Downtown Disney can be distracting at night with music playing and activity everywhere.
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Disneyland Fireworks Times and Info

To start, while you are planning your upcoming visit to Disneyland, visit the Disneyland website to check which fireworks show will run and fireworks show times as the Disneyland performance schedule can change because of special events or other park happenings.

Unlike Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, fireworks at Disneyland do not happen every night. Fireworks are seasonal throughout the year and typically are only shown daily during peak seasons due to the proximity of the Disneyland Resort to the neighbors/businesses in Anaheim. During off-peak days, fireworks are Friday through Sunday. For the rest of the week, projections and music are only shown. All fireworks at Disneyland depend on weather and may be canceled if this happens, only the projections and music will run.

Currently, the fireworks show at Disneyland is the fan-favorite, Mickey’s Mix Magic which will run until Disneyland Forever returns. This is my favorite show, with or without fireworks! It’s a fun and thrilling show celebrating Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and features amazing projection technology with upbeat, classic Disney tunes!

Starting April 22nd, the fireworks show Disneyland Forever will be returning! Disneyland Forever debuted as part of the Disneyland 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration. Disneyland Forever is a beautiful firework show that may just bring a few happy tears to your eyes as you watch the sky light up above Sleeping Beauty Castle!

 Disneyland fireworks

Above is information about What time are Disneyland fireworks? What is this about? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of Disneyland fireworks. Thank you for reading our post.

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