Can I watch CNN on netflix? Why can’t I live stream CNN?

Can I watch CNN on netflix? CNN is mainly known for their rolling news coverage, prime-time anchors, endless panels and breaking news coverage but they’ve also produced some fantastic docu-series, documentaries and special movies. Here’s a list of every CNN series currently on Netflix right now.

Netflix doesn’t include any live coverage of CNN’s live events. You’ll have to rely on the networks own applications or a live television broadcast system to achieve that.

Can I watch CNN on netflix?

CNN is not available on Netflix. Netflix does not have access to CNN, a cable news channel. Netflix is a streaming service that provides access to movies and television series but does not provide live news feeds.

You must pay for a cable or satellite TV service that includes CNN if you wish to see the channel. CNN’s website and mobile app both offer online video streaming.

Other streaming providers that provide live news channels include the following:

  • Live TV and Hulu
  • Google TV
  • InSling TV
  • DirecTV Online
  • FuboTV Philo

The channels available with these services include CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. Additionally, they provide a range of capabilities, like DVR storage and the capacity to view on various devices.

Your requirements and tastes will determine which streaming service is ideal for you. You might think about using one of the services mentioned above if you want to view CNN and other live news networks.

 CNN on netflix

How can I stream CNN for free?

There are a few options for free CNN streaming.

  • Join a live TV streaming service for a free trial. You may use a free trial offered by the majority of live TV streaming services to watch CNN without having to pay anything. Free trials are available for a number of services, including Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV.
  • Watch CNN on the CNN app or website. On its website and app, CNN offers a small quantity of material for free. You can view news highlights, live broadcasts of particular events, and previously aired episodes of CNN programs.
  • Utilize a streaming device to view CNN. There are certain streaming devices, including Roku and Fire TV, that provide CNN and other free networks. On your streaming device, look in the channel shop for these channels.
  • Tune onto public television to see CNN. A few public TV stations broadcast CNN shows. On the website of your neighborhood public TV station, type “CNN” to find these channels.
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It’s significant to highlight that there are few free options for streaming CNN. With these selections, you won’t be able to access all of CNN’s available material. You must pay for a live TV streaming subscription if you want to get everything CNN has to offer.

How much does CNN streaming cost?

Spend $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year to stream CNN. It is a stand-alone package that provides access to the Interview Club, unrestricted, ad-free viewing of CNN+’s on-demand library, and exclusive live shows.

CNN+ is a paid streaming service that provides a selection of CNN’s news, commentary, and documentary programs. It began operating on March 29, 2022.

Numerous devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and streaming devices, are compatible with the service.

The CNN+ membership comes with:

  • Unrestricted, ad-free access to CNN+’s on-demand content
  • Unique live performances
  • Membership in the Interview Club
  • The capability of viewing on many devices

Your CNN+ subscription may be canceled at any time.

The following are some of CNN+’s features:

  • CNN+ provides live coverage of breaking news stories and current events from across the world.
  • On-demand programming: CNN+ includes a selection of original programming, news programs, and documentaries.
  • CNN+ offers interactive chats with newsmakers and subject-matter experts.
  • CNN+ makes personalized recommendations for material you might like using artificial intelligence.
  • CNN+ is accessible across multiple platforms, so you can watch it wherever you are.

You can register for a free trial of CNN+ if you’re interested in watching. The risk-free period lasts one week.

After the free trial, you must sign up for a monthly or yearly plan. The annual plan costs $59.99 while the monthly plan is $5.99 per month.

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CNN on netflix

Does CNN have a free news app?

There is a free news app from CNN. Both iOS and Android devices can use it. The app has a number of features, such as:

  • Live news: You can access CNN and CNN International’s live news feeds.
    Breaking news: Your phone can be received breaking news alerts.
  • Top stories: You may read the most recent CNN and CNN International news articles.
  • News feed customization: You can include the subjects that interest you in your news feed.
  • CNN has a variety of videos available, including original programming, documentaries, and news snippets.
  • You can hear radio broadcasts from CNN.
  • Podcasts: You can access the ones from CNN.

The CNN app is a terrific resource for keeping up with the most recent international news. Watching CNN’s live coverage of breaking news events is also a breeze with this method.

The connections to the CNN news apps for iOS and Android are as follows:

  • iOS: cnn-breaking-us-world-news/id331786748 (
  • The following link is for Android users:

Why can’t I live stream CNN?

There are a few reasons why CNN live streaming could not be available.

  • CNN may not be available on your subscription to a live TV streaming provider. CNN is a channel available on live TV streaming platforms including Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. CNN cannot be streamed live if you do not have a subscription to one of these services.
  • It’s possible that your internet connection is too slow. High-speed internet access is necessary for live streaming. When trying to watch CNN live, you might experience buffering or latency if your internet connection is slow.
  • Your gadget could have an issue. Make sure your smartphone or tablet is up to date and that the CNN app is running the most recent version before trying to live stream CNN from it. Additionally, make sure your device has enough storage by checking.
  • The servers for CNN might be having issues. If you are certain that your internet connection is enough and that your equipment is functioning properly, then CNN itself may be at fault. Try restarting your device if you’re experiencing difficulties watching CNN live, or get in touch with CNN customer service.
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Try the following if you’re still having difficulties watching CNN live:

  • For updates, visit the CNN website or mobile app. There could be a technical issue with CNN, and they might have updated their website or app.
  • Consider using a different device to stream CNN. Try streaming CNN on your tablet or computer if you’re having problems doing so on your smartphone.
  • Get in touch with your internet service provider. If you are certain that your gadget is operating properly, your internet connection may be the cause of the issue. To find out if there are any outages in your area, get in touch with your internet service provider.
  • Call the CNN customer service line. If you’ve tried everything listed above and are still experiencing issues watching CNN live, you can get assistance by contacting CNN customer service.

 CNN on netflix

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