Which Disney Cruise Ship is the best? What is this Disney?

Which Disney Cruise Ship is the best? The latest industry numbers indicate that Disney Cruise Lines have a 2.3 percent share of the worldwide cruise ship market. With additional ships soon to be added to the roster, we should only expect Disney will increase its market share over the coming years.

A sixth ship, Disney Treasure, is expected to join the fleet in 2024. Disney has also announced the purchase of the partially-constructed Global Dream for conversion to a new Disney ship, the Disney Adventure (launching in 2025). Finally, another custom-built ship, as yet unnamed, is expected to also launch sometime in 2025. Once all is said and done, there will be eight ships in the fleet.

Castaway Cay is a tropical paradise located in the Bahamas and is an exclusive port-of-call for Disney cruise guests. Disney owns the island, so you won’t compete with non-Disney guests for reservations. In addition, Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point is under construction on Eleuthera as another exclusive port-of-call.

There are lots of similarities between these Disney ships. Each one has its advantages and its magical experiences. That said, some of the entertainment, dining, amenities, activities, and destinations vary from ship to ship.

Disney Cruise Ship

Which Disney Cruise Ship is the best?

It’s up for debate which Disney cruise ship is the greatest, however some of the more well-liked ones are:

  • Disney Dream: The Disney Dream, one of the world’s most technologically advanced cruise ships, was introduced in 2011. Numerous cutting-edge attractions are offered there, including the AquaDuck water coaster and the Enchanted Garden. A number of dining options are available at the Disney Dream, including the interactive Animator’s Palate restaurant.
  • Disney Fantasy: The sister ship to the Disney Dream, the Disney Fantasy made its debut in 2012. It shares many of the same features and activities as the Disney Dream, but it also has a few special touches, like the Cabanas, which are exclusive cabanas on the pool deck, and the Enchanted Forest, a kid-friendly play area with a natural theme.
  • Disney Magic: The Disney Magic was the first Disney cruise ship to set sail and it is still among the fleet’s most well-liked vessels. Many traditional Disney attractions, such the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and the Pirates of the Caribbean deck party, are included. Additionally, there are many food alternatives on the Disney Magic, including the upscale Lumiere’s restaurant.
  • Disney Wonder: The sister ship to the Disney Magic, the Disney Wonder offers many of the same amenities and attractions. The Disney Wonder does, however, include a few special attractions, such as the kids’ play area Pixie Hollow and the restaurant Tiana’s Place, which serves food with a Southern influence.
  • The most recent Disney cruise ship, the Disney Wish, was introduced in 2022. It offers a variety of fresh and cutting-edge attractions, like the Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge bar and the AquaMouse water coaster. Several new dining options are available at the Disney Wish, including the 1923 restaurant, which provides a fine dining experience, and the Marceline Market, a food hall with a wide range of varied culinary selections.
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Ultimately, your personal interests and tastes will determine which Disney cruise ship is perfect for you. The Disney Dream or Disney Wish are wonderful options if you want a ship with the newest and best attractions. The Disney Magic or Disney Wonder are wonderful options if you want a ship with a more traditional Disney atmosphere. Additionally, the Disney Wish is the finest option if you’re seeking for a ship with a wide range of fresh and interesting features.

Disney Cruise Ship

Which side of Disney cruise ship is best?

Your particular preferences will determine which side of a Disney cruise ship is the finest. Because it provides views of the ocean and the ports of call, some people choose the port side. Others favor the starboard side because it provides views of the ship’s wake and the setting sun.

The advantages and disadvantages of each side are broken down in further detail below:

To the port:


  • Ocean views and ports of call
  • Later on, there is more cover.


  • Morning sun is less covered.
  • When docking, it may be windy

To the Starboard:

  • Views of the ship’s wake and the sunset are positive


  • Less shade in the afternoon; windy when docking; more shade in the morning

The side of a Disney cruise ship with the sights and amenities that are most important to you will ultimately be the greatest side. You are always welcome to seek advice from a Disney Cast Member if you are unclear which side to select.

Here are some other pointers for picking a Disney cruise ship’s optimal side:

  • Take into account the itinerary and the season. Choose the port side for the shade if you are taking a Caribbean cruise during the heat. For the best views of the sunset while traveling through Europe in the winter, consider sitting on the starboard side.
  • Take into account the type of cottage you are renting. If you are renting a cabin with a balcony, you should decide which side gives the views you value the most.
  • Take into account your own preferences. Do you like the sun or the shade? Which do you like to see more, the sunrise or the sunset?
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Are Disney Cruises considered luxury?

Luxury cruises are typically thought to include Disney cruises. They are expensive in line with the high degree of amenities and service they provide.

Some of the luxuries that make Disney cruises special are as follows:

  • Larger and more spacious than staterooms on other cruise lines are Disney cruise ship accommodations. They also provide a range of facilities, including king-size mattresses, whirlpool spas, and private balconies.
  • Fine eating: There are many fine dining options available on Disney cruise ships, including restaurants that serve gourmet food. Additionally, there are other casual dining alternatives available for guests, including pizzerias and buffets.
  • World-class entertainment: Broadway musicals, Disney character performances, and live music are just a few of the world-class entertainment options available on Disney cruise ships. Additionally, visitors can take use of a range of kid-friendly activities like swimming pools, water slides, and mini golf courses.
  • Outstanding service: The outstanding service on Disney cruise ships is well-known. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone has a great day, and they are always happy to assist guests with everything they need.

Of fact, what is considered luxurious by one person may not be considered lavish by another. But most people agree that Disney cruises rank among the most opulent ones out there.

A Disney cruise is a wonderful choice if you’re searching for a trip that provides a high level of service and amenities. Remember though that Disney cruises can cost more than other cruises.

Disney Cruise Ship

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