Where is Walt Disney Buried? Is Walt Disney’s Body Frozen?

Where is Walt Disney Buried? Is Walt Disney’s Body Frozen? Walt Disney lived a life that many could only dream about. Aside from building a powerful empire that still stands today, Disney also built the most popular theme park in the world and changed the way people would view cartoons forever. Given his accolades, it makes sense, then, that many see him as part tall-tale, part living legend.

On the anniversary of his death, a popular myth about Disney has been revived, but those who know Disney best, including his own daughter, say the rumors are indeed false. No matter what you may read on the Internet, Disney was not frozen and is not buried underneath the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. As a matter of fact, Disney chose to be cremated, a notable choice given that cremation wasn’t as popular in 1966 as it is today.

Where is Walt Disney Buried?

In Glendale, California’s Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Walt Disney is laid to rest. To the left of the Freedom Mausoleum entry is a modest private garden where his ashes are laid to rest.

Walt Disney passed away from complications from lung cancer on December 15, 1966, when he was 65 years old. Two days later, his ashes were cremated and placed at Forest Lawn.

Because Forest Lawn is a non-denominational cemetery and permits private graves, the Disney family selected it. Only family members and close friends have access to the modest, exclusive garden where Walt Disney’s ashes are placed.

In the garden, there is also a little plaque with the words:

Walt Disney was born in 1901 and passed away in 1966. His creativity has benefited the globe.

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Disney’s cemetery is a well-liked site for admirers who want to pay their respects to the man who built the Disney business, despite the fact that it is not accessible to the general public.

Walt Disney Buried

Did Walt Disney write a note before he died?

However, other rumors about Walt Disney have proven to be true. Legend has it that he wrote one last message before being hospitalized prior to his death, says Disney historian Jim Korkis. Titled “TV Projects in Production: Ready for Production or Possible for Escalation and Story,” the note listed four names: Ron Miller, 2 Way Down Cellar, Kurt Russell and CIA—Mobley.

Still, the note’s true meaning remained a mystery for decades. What did Disney’s famous last words to the world intend to convey?

According to former Disney archivist Dave Smith, who found the note, Disney was listing possible future projects for his franchise. And one name stood out: Kurt Russell.

Disney had expressed his awe of the 15-year-old’s talent before, praising him on television and personally ensuring that the boy received a studio contract. In October 1966, just months before his death, Disney even predicted “a great acting future” for Russell. But ultimately, it was Disney’s last words that ended up launching Russell’s career as an actor.

Is Walt Disney’s Body Frozen?

Walter Elias Disney, commonly known as Walt Disney, is the world-famous animator and business tycoon that founded the Disney franchise.

Disney visited his doctor after experiencing leg and neck pain. Sadly, x-rays and following surgeries revealed an aggressive lung cancer that had spread throughout his body. Although the cancer was treated immediately, the beloved icon passed away in a matter of weeks, on December 15, 1966.

While these are factual details of Disney’s death, it’s what happens after that becomes quite an enigma, surrounded with secrecy and speculation. One of the popular rumors surrounding Walt Disney’s death was that he had his body frozen.

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Cryonic preservation is a method of preserving a body by freezing it in a liquid nitrogen vapor chamber. It is stored for the foreseeable future, although scientists state that the technology to reanimate a cryonically preserved body is not available today, and it may never be. Individuals who choose to have their remains frozen often have a “nothing to lose” mindset, but have optimism for a future world where the science or technology to revive or reanimate a frozen body is possible. Cryonics is a controversial topic, as many believe it is science fiction, with an emphasis on the word fiction.

There are even some rumors claiming that Walt Disney’s frozen body is hidden deep underneath the Disneyland grounds in Anaheim, CA. Some claim that it is under Cinderella’s Castle or under the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Although there must be so many fans that would love to see their beloved animator come back to life, the rumors are not true — Walt Disney was not frozen.

The first documented case of cryonic preservation took place one month after Disney’s death. The subject was Dr. James Bedford, a psychologist who was cryonically preserved and stored under the care of Alcor Life Extension Foundation, a non-profit organization that leads the charge in cryonic preservation technology.

If cryonic preservation didn’t begin until a month after Disney’s death, how and why did these rumors begin?

Walt Disney Buried

Where did the Walt Disney frozen rumor come from?

No one can pinpoint exactly where the rumors about Walt Disney’s allegedly frozen body, as well as its hiding place, came from.

In 1964, Robert Ettinger published the book, The Prospect of Immortality, which created a buzz about cryonic preservation. With Disney passing away just too years later, the idea of him freezing his body wasn’t implausible. However, the rumors didn’t just start there; they continued long after his death.

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In 1986, twenty years after Disney’s death, author Leonard Mosley published the biography Disney’s World. The book claimed that Disney was fascinated by cryonic preservation as his health declined, and that he had his lung surgically removed and preserved in its entirety in case he was later brought back to life.

However, many of the claims and statements made by Mosley were discredited. Disney passed away just weeks after his cancer diagnosis, not leaving him very much time to research and think about cutting-edge science. Further, doctors preserved only samples of his lung for scientific study, not the entire organ.

Mosley credits colleagues and advisors as the sources of his information on Walt Disney. While it’s possible that employees could have perpetuated a rumor regarding Disney’s cryonic preservation, much of the book’s claims and statements have since been discredited.

A second possible source of the Disney cryonics rumor is Marc Elliot’s 1993 biography, Walt Disney: Hollywood’s Dark Prince. The biography continued the narrative regarding Disney’s desire to preserve his body. Further, the book made it appear that Disney was obsessed with death, that he had a “growing preoccupation with his own mortality.” The book also stated that Disney wanted to preserve his body at all costs.

However, Elliot did not name any sources. Not only were his claims discredited by Disney authorities, Disney’s direct family members denied having had any conversations with Walt regarding his desire to be frozen. His daughter Diane stated in 1972 that she does not believe that Disney had ever heard of cryonics, let alone would he have had a desire to be frozen.

Walt Disney Buried

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