Where is The Stars in Hollywood? What is this The Stars?

Where is The Stars in Hollywood? All the most important celebrities of the entertainment world, both American and international, have been honored with a commemorative plaque on Hollywood Boulevard. Over the years, the Walk of Fame has expanded so much that it is now over a mile long on both sides of the road.

It is estimated that ten million visitors a year walk along the Walk of Fame to photograph the star with their favorite celebrity’s name on it. This place definitely deserves to be included among the best places to visit in Los Angeles, also because Hollywood Boulevard is home to many special attractions that we will discover together in this article.

Where is The Stars in Hollywood?

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is home to Hollywood’s stars. The Walk of Fame is a stretch of pavement between Vine Street and Hollywood Boulevard that has more than 2,700 brass stars placed in it, each with a five-pointed terrazzo. Actors, actresses, musicians, filmmakers, producers, and other performers have their stars dedicated to them.

A well-liked tourist attraction, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a fantastic location to see the stars of your favorite celebrities. It’s also an excellent resource for learning about Hollywood’s and the entertainment industry’s past.

I can’t recommend seeing the Walk of Fame highly enough if you’re ever in Hollywood. It’s a very special and unforgettable experience.

Consider the following advice before visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

  • Because you will be walking a lot, choose comfortable shoes.
  • It can get hot and sunny in Hollywood, so don’t forget to pack sunscreen and a hat.
  • Remember to include a camera so you may snap photos of your favorite celebs.
  • Particularly if you are visiting during the busiest travel season, be ready for large crowds.
  • Show reverence towards the Walk of Fame and the stars. It is forbidden to step on the stars or attempt to take down any of the fixtures on the Walk of Fame.
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 The Stars in Hollywood

What Is the Best Way to Visit the Walk of Fame?

If you prefer to visit the Walk of Fame and Hollywood Boulevard on your own, all you have to do is follow the directions on how to get there and enjoy the experience. Once you’re there, if you want to learn more, you can take a guided walking tour that will show you the history of Hollywood Boulevard.

If you are looking for a different option to reach the Walk of Fame than the ways mentioned so far, why not consider a Hop on-Hop off bus tour? This solution will allow you to freely organize your time according to your needs. One of the bus stops is located right near the TCL Chinese Theatre.

Things to Do on Hollywood Boulevard

As you walk on Hollywood Boulevard, you will meet many people wearing elaborate costumes that resemble famous movie stars who will try to convince you to take a souvenir photo with them for a fee (someone will also try to get you to book some tours of the villas of celebrities). You will also be surrounded by souvenir shops, which are tourist traps that try to make the most of the area’s fame. For many people, this “flying circus” can be irritating. My advice is to try to look at the charming side of all this, and to concentrate on what is interesting to see.

If you want to see the homes of movie stars, I suggest that you go on tours organized by more reliable agencies. Here are a couple of tours:

  • Tour of the houses of movie stars (duration: 2 hours)
  • Tour of the city of Los Angeles and the homes of Hollywood stars (duration: 3 hours)
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Here are the best attractions in the area.

The Stars in Hollywood

Where do most Hollywood celebrities live?

The majority of Hollywood’s elite reside in the following areas:

  • Adjacent to Hollywood, Beverly Hills is a posh neighborhood renowned for its opulent residences and businesses. Beverly Hills is home to numerous celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston, Denzel Washington, and Tom Cruise.
  • Bel Air, a posh area close to Hollywood, is well-known for its expansive houses and breathtaking views. Stars like Elon Musk, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé reside in Bel Air.
  • There are many different neighborhoods within the vast Hollywood Hills area, some of which are more upscale than others. Stars including Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez reside in the Hollywood Hills.
  • West Hollywood is a hip neighborhood well-known for its dining options and entertainment. West Hollywood is home to several celebrities, such as Orlando Bloom, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga.

Celebrities also reside in other areas of Hollywood, like Los Feliz, Silver Lake, and Hollywood Heights, in addition to these particular communities.

It is significant to remember that celebrities cherish their privacy and that many of them will go to considerable efforts to conceal their residential addresses from the general public. As a result, pinpointing a celebrity’s actual residence is not always simple.

But if you are fortunate enough to live in Hollywood, there’s always a chance that you will see a famous person while out and about in the metropolis. Keep a watch on things!

Do celebrities pay for Hollywood star?

Hollywood stars are, in fact, paid for by celebrities. As of 2023, a Hollywood star will cost $75,000 in sponsorship. This charge helps defray the expense of maintaining the Walk of Fame as well as the creation and installation of the star.

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The nominees for stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are chosen by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which is in charge of the program, on the basis of their achievements to the entertainment sector. Candidates must be ready to pay the sponsorship cost and possess at least five years of experience in their profession.

In order to be considered for a Hollywood star, celebrities must first receive the support of a Hollywood Chamber of Commerce member. A celebrity must accept the nomination and pay the sponsorship money within two years of being chosen for a star.

A star’s induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a mark of distinction and recognition for their services to the entertainment business. A few of the most well-known individuals with Hollywood stars are Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, and Michael Jackson.

For further information on how to nominate someone for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, see the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce website.

 The Stars in Hollywood

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