When will Elemental be on Disney Plus? What is this movie?

When will Elemental be on Disney Plus? Elemental has finally landed on Disney+ if you fancy giving Pixar’s latest movie a rewatch or a first watch if you missed it at the cinema. The movie is set in a world of elements – air, earth, water and fire – and centres on fiery young woman Ember whose worldview is challenged when she meets, and starts to fall for, go-with-the-flow guy Wade.

Elemental is available to watch right now on Disney+ for all subscribers, along with Up short film Carl’s Date which was paired with the movie in cinemas. If you’re not a subscriber to Disney+, you can currently sign up for the special price of £1.99 for three months. It’s an offer open to new and returning customers and it runs until September 20.

After the three months are up, your monthly fee will revert to the new £10.99 a month for the premium Disney+ tier unless you cancel your subscription. Unlike some other subscription services, there’s currently no way to get a free trial for Disney+.

You could get up to six months free if you’re an O2 customer as it offers up to six months free for upgrading and new customers as part of their Extra deals. If you’re not looking to upgrade, you can add Disney+ to your plan and get £2 off your monthly bill.

When will Elemental be on Disney Plus?

Only 89 days after its first theatrical debut, on September 13, 2023, Elemental was made available on Disney+. As a result, it is already accessible on Disney+ as of today, September 19, 2023.

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Elemental be on Disney Plus

How long will Elemental Disney Plus be in theaters?

No longer playing in cinemas is Elemental. On June 16, 2023, it was released in theaters; on September 13, 2023, it was made available on Disney+.

Disney has been one of the companies leading the way in this trend of shrinking theatrical release windows in recent years. Disney films used to frequently spend several months in theaters. In contrast, recent years have seen the release of Disney films on Disney+ after only a few months or even a few weeks in theaters.

Given that Disney is placing more and more emphasis on its streaming business, this trend is probably going to persist in the future. The launch of Disney+ has been a big success for the business, and Disney is spending a lot of money developing fresh content for the service.

Is Elemental coming to Disney Plus?

Yes, Disney Plus currently offers Elemental for streaming. Just 89 days after its initial theater release date, on September 13, 2023, it was made available to the public.

What is the next Disney Plus movie after Elemental?

After Elemental, Elio, the following Disney+ film is slated for release on March 1st, 2024.

A young alien boy named Elio unintentionally ends up on Earth in the Pixar science fiction animated film Elio. Elio has to figure out how to return to his home planet while also getting to know people better and creating new friends.

Adrian Molina, who also co-directed Coco, is the director of Elio. Mary Alice Drumm is the producer. America Ferrera, Ali Wong, and Yara Shahidi are among the voice actors in the movie.

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Elemental be on Disney Plus

Why did Disney’s Elemental fail?

The failure of Disney’s Elemental at the box office can be attributed to a numerous factors:

  • Marketing: Disney’s Elemental marketing was panned for being bland and unimaginative. The film’s theme and characters were poorly explained in the trailers and TV advertisements, and audiences were not sufficiently excited by them.
  • Competition: Top Gun: Maverick, Jurassic World Dominion, and Thor: Love and Thunder were just a few of the high-profile movies Elemental had to contend with during the intensely competitive summer movie season. These movies all had greater box office success than Elemental.
  • Elemental garnered a variety of reviews from critics. Some reviewers complimented the animation and the film’s sentimental theme, while others bemoaned its formulaic story and lack of creativity.

It’s also likely that Elemental failed to appeal to a big enough audience just because of these issues and other ones as well. The movie’s premise may not be immediately accessible to everyone, and viewers might not have found the movie’s characters to be as endearing as those in other Disney movies.

Elemental is a well-made movie with a lot to offer in general. But it’s also a movie that had the wrong marketing strategy and the wrong release date. The movie didn’t perform up to expectations at the box office as a result.

It’s vital to remember that Elemental debuted on Disney+ 89 days after it opened in theaters. This window is substantially smaller than what Disney has often used for their movies. Elemental may have been chosen by Disney as a way to hedge its bets because the studio was aware that the movie would probably not be a big box office hit.

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Why did Elemental get bad reviews?

Critics gave Elemental a mixed bag of reactions, with some appreciating its animation and sentimental message while others criticized its formulaic story and lack of creativity.

Here are some of the particular complaints made about the movie:

  • Predictable plot: The movie’s plot received criticism for being too foreseeably and for adhering to a tried and true format.
  • Lack of originality: The movie received criticism for stealing ideas from other Pixar productions like Inside Out and Onward.
  • The film’s themes of acceptance and tolerance have come under fire for being too superficial and not being sufficiently addressed.
  • One-dimensional characters: The movie’s characters have come under fire for being flat and underdeveloped.

Elemental was criticized, although it also got some good feedback. Some reviewers commended the animation in the movie as well as its uplifting message and diverse group of characters.

Elemental is a movie that has both good and bad overall qualities. While the film’s obvious plot and lack of originality are its main shortcomings, its animation and heartwarming message are its biggest assets. Elemental may or may not be enjoyable for you, depending on your own tastes and what you’re searching for in a movie.

It is significant to note that Pete Docter, the film’s director, has expressed confusion at the unfavorable reviews. He has stated that the bad response startled him and that he disagrees with the criticisms directed at the movie.

Elemental be on Disney Plus

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