What is Florida Man about on Netflix? How’s the movie?

What is Florida Man about on Netflix? The new show takes its name from the phenomenon that went viral back in 2013, with the Florida Man tag referring to the plethora of news stories about men carrying out absurd acts in The Sunshine State.

We’ve all seen the headlines, but here are a few examples as a reminder: “Florida man threw live gator in Wendy’s drive-thru window”, “Hot sauce saves Florida man after car crashes into Taco Bell”, and “Florida man wins election in a card game.” There’s even the Florida Man Birthday Challenge, whereby you simply Google “Florida Man” and your birth date and you’ll find all the hilarious happenings that went down on that day. Though Netflix has borrowed the name for its new series, there’s a lot more to the story, with the streamer promising it will go “beyond the meme”. Now the show is out, here’s everything you need to know about the anticipated new series and if it’s worth watching.

What is Florida Man about on Netflix?

Hailed from creator and showrunner Donald Todd, the Netflix show is said to be “a wild odyssey into a sunny place for shady people,” telling the story of an ex-cop who gets caught up in a sticky situation when he’s forced to head back to his home state of Florida.

As per the official synopsis, Florida Man centers on Mike, a “recovering gambling addict” and “struggling ex-cop” who “reluctantly returns to his home state when mob boss Moss sends him to find his missing girlfriend, Delly.

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“In the scorching Florida heat, Mike gets caught up in situations that would put some of the best Florida man memes to shame, while also navigating complicated relationships with his father and ex-wife. He finds out that he can’t quite escape the hometown he tried to leave behind.”

In a press release, Todd revealed that he knows the subject incredibly well, having been born and raised in the southernmost US peninsula himself.

“As I grew up, I never stopped thinking about why Florida is Florida,” he said. “Florida is a thin layer of porous crust on top of a hundred feet of water, and it’s maybe a few feet above sea level…. it might all sink. So when you feel that everything is temporary, you take what you can when you can get it.

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Florida Man cast: Who’s in it?

Netflix’s Florida Man cast includes:

  • Édgar Ramírez as Mike Valentine
  • Anthony Lapaglia as Sonny Valentine
  • Abbey Lee as Delly West
  • Emory Cohen as Moss Yankov
  • Otmara Marrero as Patsy
  • Lex Scott Davis as Iris
  • Clark Gregg as Sheriff Ketcher
  • Isaiah Johnson as Benny
  • Paul Schneider as Officer Andy
  • Lauren Buglioli as Kaitlin

Ramírez, who is known for a wide variety of roles including American Crime Story, The Girl on the Train, and the Point Break remake, portrays the lead character Mike Valentine.

The fact that Mike is “stuck between two different lives” is something that fascinates both Ramírez and Todd, with the latter saying: “That’s the most dangerous place anybody can be, especially if you’re going to a place that’s not gonna give you any guidance morally. Mike feels that he’s a hero and just needs one more day to prove it…. then one more after that.”

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Is Florida Man worth watching?

Though it’s too early for a Rotten Tomatoes rating and reviews, Florida Man is worth checking out if you want to see how Todd has transformed the viral phenomenon into a full series.

It looks like it’s set to be a wild ride, with thrills, laughs, and, of course, plenty of guns. “The brightest sun casts the darkest shadows, so people can hide in shadows,” added Todd. “All of that creates an ethos that’s perfect for a bright and noirish crime story.”

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Is Florida Man series based on true events?

The Netflix series Florida Man is not based on a single true story, but it is inspired by real events. The show’s creator, Donald Todd, has said that he was inspired by the “Florida Man” meme, which refers to the many bizarre and often humorous headlines that come out of Florida.

The show follows a former cop named Mike Valentine (Edgar Ramírez) who returns to Florida to investigate a series of strange and deadly crimes. The crimes are all inspired by real events that have happened in Florida, but the characters and the storylines are fictional.

The show has been praised for its humor and its darkly satirical take on Florida culture. It has also been criticized for its portrayal of Florida as a state full of crazy people. However, the show is ultimately a work of fiction, and it should not be taken as a serious representation of Florida.

Here are some of the real-life events that inspired the show:

  • A man in Florida was arrested for throwing an alligator through a drive-thru window.
  • A woman in Florida was arrested for trying to pay for her McDonald’s meal with a bag of weed.
  • A man in Florida was arrested for riding a motorized scooter through a Wendy’s drive-thru.
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These are just a few examples of the many bizarre and often humorous headlines that come out of Florida. The Florida Man meme has become a popular way to poke fun at the state’s reputation for eccentricity.

The Netflix series Florida Man is a fictionalized take on these real-life events. The show is not meant to be taken seriously, but it does offer a unique and humorous perspective on Florida culture.

What is the age rating for Florida Man?

The age rating for Florida Man is TV-MA, which means it is intended for mature audiences only. The show contains adult content, including strong language, violence, and sexual references.

Here are some of the reasons why the show is rated TV-MA:

  • The show contains strong language, including profanity and obscenities.
  • The show contains violence, including graphic depictions of fighting and shootings.
  • The show contains sexual references, including nudity and sexual activity.
  • The show deals with mature themes, such as drug use and crime.

If you are not comfortable with adult content, then you should not watch Florida Man. The show is not intended for children or young adults.

Here are some other shows that are rated TV-MA:

  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Game of Thrones
  • Breaking Bad
  • True Detective
  • The Sopranos

These shows are all known for their mature content, and they are not intended for a general audience. If you are looking for a show that is more family-friendly, then you should choose a show that is rated TV-14 or lower.

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