What is Disney Vacation Club? Is Disney Vacation Worth It?

What is Disney Vacation Club? Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It? Disney Vacation Club is perfect for families or Disney adults looking to travel in style. When you become an owner of a Disney timeshare, a whole new vacation experience is unlocked, offering owners spacious accommodations and one-of-a-kind accommodations. Disney Vacation Club works by using a flexible, points-based system that owners can use to make reservations, bank, or even borrow their points. Keep reading to find out how Disney Vacation Club works, how much it costs, and where DVC points can take you.

What is Disney Vacation Club?

Disney Vacation Club (also known as DVC) is a timeshare ownership club under Disney Vacation Development. DVC gives owners priority access to stay in top Disney resorts in Orlando, Hilton Head Island, California, Hawaii, and Vero Beach. With its first resort opening in 1991, Disney Vacation Club has grown in size over the last 30 years to one of the best vacation clubs to join. There are now fifteen DVC resorts across the country! To become an owner, known as a DVC member, you must purchase DVC points either directly from Disney or on the DVC resale market.

Disney Vacation Club is one of the first timeshare brands to introduce a points-based system to owners. When you become an owner of Disney Vacation Club, your contract will indicate how many DVC points you will receive every year. How many you purchase is entirely up to you and really boils down to your vacation preferences.

Disney Vacation Club

Using Disney Vacation Club Points to Work for You

DVC points can be used to make reservations at any one of DVC’s fifteen resorts. All owners can stay at any resort anytime, depending on resort availability. While this benefit is great for travelers who want some variety on their vacations, it can also be difficult to make last-minute reservations.

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This is because there is a lot of demand, and DVC reservations can fill up quickly. All DVC contracts are attached to your “Home” resort, where you have priority booking windows before other DVC members. The best way to make Disney Vacation Club points work for you is to plan your vacations ahead of time. This way, you won’t miss out on booking the dates or resort you want.

Disney Vacation Club Use Year

Disney Vacation Club points work by giving owners their annual allotment during their Use Year. DVC Use Year actually refers to a month in the year, and there are only eight Use Years to consider: February, March, April, June, August, September, October, and December.

No Use Year is better than another. In fact, not every resort will offer every Use Year contract. It’s best to consider when you plan on vacationing with your family. Ideally, you will want to travel early in your Use Year. This is because if you cancel your reservation within 30 days of your check-in date, your points will be put into a holding account. They must be spent by the next Use Year, or they will expire and cannot be banked. The points in your holding account can only be used to make a reservation that’s no more than 60 days in advance.

Use Year is also important to keep in mind for banking points. If you do plan on banking your points this year, they must be banked within the first eight months of your Use Year.

How Many Disney Vacation Club Points Do You Need?

Deciding on how many DVC points to buy can make Disney Vacation Club work best for you. To maintain all DVC benefits from the Blue Membership card, you must own at least 150 points that are purchased directly from Disney. Benefits include early access to popular events and tickets, discounts on shopping and dining, and Members Only lounges throughout the parks and resorts.

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Disney Vacation Club

Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It?

The first thing to remember when you buy any timeshare is that timeshares are not financial investments, and DVC is no exception. While the DVC resale market has seen prices increase and some owners have made a profit on their ownership, it should not be your end goal when you purchase a contract. The timeshare resale market can be volatile, and DVC can change its resale restrictions at any time.

Disney Vacation Club is worth it if you can make it work for your travel preferences and lifestyle. If you plan on using your DVC points every year and you love all things, Disney, you’ll probably love DVC.

Some families may not find the product worthwhile anymore, and if this is you, you can choose to sell your DVC points. Or before you purchase, you can even take a look at DVC resales to find a great deal.

Keep in mind; you will likely break even within a few years of using your ownership as opposed to booking a hotel reservation at a Disney resort every year.

Again, the matter of DVC being worth it really comes out of how often you will use it and make the most of your ownership. In addition, the perks and benefits of owning DVC while visiting the Walt Disney World Resort can also weigh into your decision. To learn more, check out this video!

How does Disney Club vacation work?

The Walt Disney Company runs the timeshare program known as Disney Vacation Club (DVC). DVC members can buy points to spend toward Disney resort accommodations.

The steps for how Disney Club Vacation operates are as follows:

  • Acquire points. DVC members can buy points to spend toward Disney resort accommodations. Depending on the resort, the season, and the kind of lodgings, different amounts of points may be required for a stay.
  • Plan a trip. Any Disney resort that participates in the DVC program can be booked using the points you have acquired. You can either phone a Disney Vacation Club representative or book your stay online through the Disney Vacation Club website.
  • Use your kudos. You will be required to use a specific quantity of points every night when you make a reservation. The quantity of points required will change depending on the resort, the season, and the kind of lodging.
  • Renew your affiliation. Memberships in DVC are good for 50 years. Every 50 years, you must renew your membership to keep it active.
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The following are some advantages of joining the Disney Vacation Club:

  • Any Disney resort that participates in the DVC program is where you may make your reservation.
  • You can reserve stays in resorts that aren’t open to the public using your points.
  • At Disney resorts, you can receive discounts on both goods and meals.
  • You can reserve dates and events in advance.

The following are some disadvantages of joining the Disney Vacation Club:

  • The initial expense of buying points can be substantial.
  • If you do not utilize the points within a specified period of time, they can expire.
  • You are bound by a 50-year agreement.

In general, joining Disney Vacation Club can help you save a lot of money on Disney holidays. Before you choose whether it is the best option for you, it is crucial to consider the advantages and disadvantages.

The following are some extra considerations with Disney Vacation Club:

  • There are numerous types of points available for purchase, each with unique advantages.
  • There are many membership tiers as well, each with unique benefits.
  • Your points can be sold back to Disney or transferred to other members.
  • You can acquire bonus points in a variety of methods, like by referring friends or booking specific resorts.

Visit the Disney Vacation Club website or contact a Disney Vacation Club representative if you’re interested in learning more about the club.

Disney Vacation Club

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