What Earth is The Marvel Cinematic Universe? What is this?

What Earth is The Marvel Cinematic Universe? With the MCU now in the thick of its Multiverse Saga, it raises the question of which universe the MCU is actually set in. Comic book fans in particular will be aware of the tendency for both Marvel and DC Comics to have an ever-growing multiverse with most projects neatly filed and ordered into their own corners and pocket universes. For example, Marvel Comics follows the Prime timeline, aka, Earth-616, where most of its stories are told. Earth-616 is so key to Marvel mythology, that it has continuously had stories told since 1961’s Fantastic Four #1, all taking place in this universe.

Marvel Comics also explores Earth-1610, the Ultimate universe, Earth-811, where the X-Men failed to stop the Sentinels from taking over, Earth-2149, home to Marvel Zombies, and many, many others. DC decided to take the simpler approach and start with Earth Prime, and number worlds beyond this Earth 1, where many well-known heroes have alternate origins, Earth 2, where many of the golden age heroes like Jay Garrick and Alan Scott reside, Earth 3, where evil always triumphs over good, and so on.

Earth is The Marvel Cinematic Universe

What Earth is The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Earth-616, the primary reality in the Marvel Comics multiverse, serves as the setting for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The 2022 motion picture Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness provided confirmation of this.

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Are you curious to learn more about the multiverse of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

What is the difference between Earth 838 and 616?

The primary reality of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Earth-616, and Earth-838 are parallel universes. Despite their many similarities, the two universes differ in a few significant ways:

  • The Illuminati: Doctor Strange, Professor X, Captain Carter, Maria Rambeau/Captain Marvel, Black Bolt, and Reed Richards are members of a covert organization of superheroes on Earth-838 known as the Illuminati. On Earth-616, the Illuminati do not exist.
  • Wanda Maximoff’s fate: After her children were corrupted by the Darkhold, Wanda Maximoff murdered herself on Earth-838. Wanda is searching for her children, who are still alive, on Earth-616.
  • The Illuminati killed Thanos on Earth-838 before he could snap his fingers and exterminate half of all life in the cosmos. Even though Thanos could wipe out half of all life in the universe with a snap of his fingers on Earth-616, the Avengers were able to defeat him in the end.

Just a handful of the distinctions between Earth-838 and Earth-616 are listed above. There probably are a ton of other distinctions that are still unknown.

Remember that there are other parallel universes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe besides Earth-838. We learn about Earth-616, Earth-838, and Earth-61638, among other parallel universes, in the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The multiverse is a sophisticated and constantly developing idea that will undoubtedly be crucial to the MCU’s future. The possibilities that the universe offers are fascinating, and it will be intriguing to watch how Marvel Studios uses it in upcoming motion pictures and television series.

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Why is it Earth-199999?

It’s unclear why the MCU is set in Earth-199999. Though there are a few hypotheses, Marvel Studios has not formally published a statement explaining the choice.

There is a notion that suggests Earth-199999 is only an alias. It’s possible that Marvel Studios selected this moniker because it’s a distinct number unrelated to any other reality in the Marvel Comics cosmos.

According to a different version, Earth-199999 alludes to 1999, the year that Marvel Studios released Iron Man, their debut feature film. Marvel Studios may be using this as a means of thanking the fans who have supported the MCU from the beginning.

In conclusion, it seems plausible that Earth-199999 holds a noteworthy position in the Marvel Comics multiverse that remains undiscovered. Marvel Studios might be holding onto this figure for a later announcement, perhaps a crossover between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Comics cosmos.

It’s ultimately up for speculation as to why the MCU is Earth-199999. But it’s obvious that Marvel Studios gave the choice a lot of consideration, and the number probably has some significance in the MCU.

Earth is The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Why did Mysterio say Earth-616?

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Mysterio said Earth-616 in an attempt to trick Spider-Man and the rest of the world into thinking he was a hero from a different universe. Using Earth-616 would provide credibility to his scenario, since he was aware that this is the primary reality in the Marvel Comics multiverse.

But in reality, Mysterio was from Earth-833, a parallel realm with more developed technology than this one, where he created illusions. He arrived on Earth-616 in order to pilfer technology from Stark Industries and utilize it to produce ever more potent illusions.

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Spider-Man eventually discovered Mysterio’s deceit, leading to his demise. But the movie’s reference to Earth-616 was crucial since it established that the MCU is a part of the Marvel Comics cosmos.

It’s also likely that Mysterio, being a comic book aficionado, was aware that Earth-616 is the primary world in the Marvel Comics multiverse. He might have learned about Earth-616 via comic books, and he chose to adopt this alias to further legitimize his ruse.

Mysterio’s explanation for saying Earth-616 is ultimately ambiguous. He was obviously attempting to trick Spider-Man and the rest of the world into thinking he was a hero from an other realm, though.

Is Earth-928 the future of Earth-616?

While not a given, Earth-616 may have a future Earth-928. It is possible to prevent the events of Earth-928 or to have a completely different future.

Is Earth-838 Wanda a mutant?

Indeed, Wanda from Earth-838 is a mutant. Producer Richie Palmer of Marvel Studios verified this in an interview.

Do you want to learn more about the MCU’s mutants?

How did 838 defeat Thanos?

The Book of Vishanti was used by the Illuminati on Earth-838 to slay Thanos. This is a formidable book of magic, full of secrets and spells even Doctor Strange is unaware of.

Which additional novels about magic are there in the Marvel Universe?

Earth is The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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