Is The National Guard at Disney World? What is this Disney?

Is The National Guard at Disney World? “Can not believe DeSantis called out the National Guard to block people from entering Disney World! Armed guards to prevent citizens from having a happy day at the park! WTH!” reads one Facebook post.

The bogus claim began on Mouse Trap News, a Disney-themed satire website that states on its “About” page that it publishes “fake stories about Disney Parks stuff.” Each article on Mouse Trap News also states that it is a “totally made-up story.”

Nahaku McFadden, a spokesperson for the National Guard, and Jeremy Redfern, the governor’s deputy press secretary, also confirmed that there is no truth to the claim.

Is The National Guard at Disney World?

“There are no requests for the National Guard to support any missions to Disney World from Governor DeSantis,” McFadden wrote in an email to the AP.

The fight between Disney and DeSantis began last year after Disney, facing significant pressure, publicly opposed a state law that bans classroom lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity in early grades, referred to by critics as “Don’t Say Gay.”

As punishment, DeSantis took over Disney’s self-governing district and appointed a new board of supervisors to oversee municipal services in the conglomerate’s resort. However, before the new board came in, Disney pushed through a last-minute amendment stripping them of much of their authority.

Disney filed a lawsuit against DeSantis on Wednesday to take back control of the district, calling the governor’s actions a “targeted campaign of government retaliation.” The board appointed by DeSantis called Disney’s actions effectively unlawful and performed without proper public notice, the AP has reported.

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The National Guard at Disney World

National Guard Deployed to Disney World

The National Guard has been deployed to block all entrances to Walt Disney World property. There are currently 8 entrances to Disney World. All of these roads now have National Guard trucks deployed on them, blocking the entrances to Disney. Anyone who wants to visit Disney World now needs to go through the National Guard first. In fact, it’s a lot like US border checkpoints.

If you want to visit Disney World, it’s going to be tough to get past the National Guard at the entrances. Since they are a US government agency, the State of Florida has control over them and what they do.

The government is telling them to stand strong and prevent all access to Disney World for guests and tourists. Apparently, the only people allowed to get on Disney property are employees. They must provide identification that they are Disney employees as well as undergo a full search of their car to ensure they aren’t sneaking anyone in.

This only applies to entering Disney World. All exits from Disney are wide open and anyone can leave at any time. This move by Governor Desantis and the State of Florida is to put additional pressure on Disney to rethink their woke agenda and go back to being a company for families. They are applying direct pressure on Disney and forcing their hand.

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Everyone currently on Disney property is free to stay. However, in a week or so, Disney will not have any guests on property because the National Guard is blocking the entrance. Essentially, if Disney wants to keep generating money, they will need to make concessions to the Florida Government.

The National Guard at Disney World

Can The National Guard Legally Block People From Visiting Disney World?

Yes, the National Guard has the authority to block anyone and everyone from entering Disney World. There are two reasons this is legal. First off, the National Guard is deployed in times of crisis to protect and serve the community and the state. The directive came from the state and was approved by the governor, making it legal. At this point, they are just fulfilling the duty that they signed up for, which is at the state’s discretion as long as it’s approved.

The other question is, how can they just block roads? This comes down to private vs public roads. The National Guard can block private roads on Disney property, however, that gets into dicey legal territory. However, the state of Florida controls all public roads. In this case, all roads at Disney World transition from public to private once you get on property. The Florida government is very carefully positioning the National Guard on the public roads that lead to Disney’s private roads. This resolves the legal issue between state vs privately owned.

This is a pretty wild turn of events and another example of Governor Desantis flexing on Disney. In fact, it’s a lot like how the state of Florida is suing to keep Splash Mountain open as we reported here. Essentially Disney can either back down or lose money. The ball is in their court. At some point, they will need to give up some power and tweak their agenda, unless they want to start losing a significant amount of money.

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What do you think of the National Guard blocking all entrances to Disney World? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Why The National Guard at Disney World?

The National Guard has no business being at Disney World.

A privately owned theme park resort with its own security team is called Disney World. The United States National Guard is a reserve force that is normally only called into action in the event of a natural disaster, civil disturbance, or other emergency.

There is no proof that Disney World is involved in an emergency that calls for the National Guard’s intervention. In actuality, one of the safest locations to travel is Disney World.

The erroneous reports that the National Guard is present at Disney World seem to have come from a parody website. These allegations have received a lot of social media attention, but Disney and the National Guard have refuted them.

You can feel secure knowing that you will be safe and secure if you decide to visit Disney World. Disney has a long history of giving its visitors a safe and enjoyable experience, and it is dedicated to doing so in the future.

The National Guard at Disney World

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