How strong is Captain Marvel? What is this Captain Marvel?

How strong is Captain Marvel? Captain Marvel’s upcoming new series confirms that she is the strongest Avenger. This October, Carol Danvers returns in a brand-new ongoing series, with a brand-new outfit based on Captain Marvel’s wildly popular Hellfire Gala outfit. With this bold new era comes new friends and foes, including a cosmic being who sees Captain Marvel as the universe’s most powerful heroic force.

Marvel shared a first look at October’s Captain Marvel #1. The new book will be written by Alyssa Wong and drawn by Jan Bazaldua. In addition, superstar artist Jen Bartel has provided a sleek new outfit for Captain Marvel, one based on Bartel’s Hellfire Gala look. Wong and Bazaldua are hitting the ground running, putting Captain Marvel through the wringer when she meets what Marvel’s press release calls an “overwhelming omniversal entity.”

This unnamed entity sees Captain Marvel as the sole obstacle between it and its “vision of total annihilation.” It now falls on Captain Marvel to find a way to stop the entity and save the universe. Marvel’s press release reveals that Carol will make new friends along the way, some that can be trusted – and others that cannot.

Captain Marvel

How strong is Captain Marvel?

Among the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Captain Marvel, who possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability, and energy projection. It has been demonstrated that she can lift large things, travel at supersonic speeds, repel strong blows, and destroy adversaries with potent energy beams.

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Captain Marvel is just as strong as Thor, and she’s even defeated one of the MCU’s most formidable adversaries, Thanos.

What is the difference in strength between Captain Marvel and other MCU superheroes?

Captain Marvel Is the Only Threat to an Omniversal Being

In the Marvel Universe, there are many levels of power – and an omniversal being beats pretty much all of them. This implies that Carol’s new rival exists across every reality – and if she’s its only threat, then her power level is truly off the scale. It makes sense that this reveal comes now – Carol has just been through a time of trial and loss, even losing her new ‘sister,’ the energy being Binary. However, she’s emerged more determined than ever to fight the good fight, and was recently elected to lead the Avengers by Earth’s heroes. Now, she has another vote of confidence – albeit one that means she must be destroyed.

Captain Marvel’s Final Form Has Found a Worthy Challenge

Captain Marvel has had an incredible character arc, rising from obscurity to become the chair of the Avengers. Making Captain Marvel a hero on the omniversal level is a huge step, but one that makes sense with her powers. Captain Marvel can absorb and channel vast amounts of energy, and even takes on new forms to contain it. Recently, Carol ascended to her final form – a glowing transformation fans originally saw in Captain Marvel: The End. Given that Captain Marvel’s prior forms were among Marvel’s most powerful beings, it makes sense that her upgrade comes with this shocking step up.

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Captain Marvel’s motto is “higher, further, faster,” and her new place in the Marvel Universe is certainly living up to that promise, as a wildly powerful new being singles her out as the only Avenger who can stop it.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel’s Powers Rival Most Heroes

Carol Danvers is a living battery that can use energy in devastating or constructive ways. Her abilities originated from the Space Stone when she was exposed to the energy of an engine powered by the cosmic relic.

As a result, Captain Marvel can absorb and redirect massive amounts of energy. These powers grant her super-strength, flight and energy projection. When stored enough, Captain Marvel can unleash her strength at once and assume a binary form that makes her as strong as a shooting star.

In the MCU, Carol has taken on Thanos and nearly defeated him until he used the Power Stone against her. She’s also flown through multiple ships and destroyed them without sustaining damage.

The seventh episode of What If…? reveals she can go toe-to-toe with Thor, even when he’s at full strength. In fact, she might easily defeat the god of thunder, considering she not only held back but also absorbed his lighting without struggle. Ultimately, Captain Marvel is a cosmic wrecking ball whose limits have yet to be fully recorded.

The Verdict: Scarlet Witch Is Stronger Than Captain Marvel

There’s no denying that the Scarlet Witch can’t hold a candle to Captain Marvel in terms of raw physical strength. That said, Wanda has an edge due to Chaos Magic and her reality-warping abilities. Her telekinesis alone could nearly kill Thanos faster than Carol’s punches. Now, as the Scarlet Witch, she doesn’t even have to move objects with her mind to get what she wants.

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What’s even scarier is that Wanda is a conduit for energy, while Carol has a limit, even if it hasn’t been reached. In the end, Wanda’s untapped potential dramatically surpasses Carol’s, making her the winner of a hypothetical Captain Marvel vs. Scarlet Witch brawl.

Who is stronger than Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel is not the strongest character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These consist of:

  • The Hulk: The Hulk is among the universe’s greatest creatures, his strength seemingly boundless and becoming stronger with increasing rage. It has been demonstrated that he can punch through planets and raise huge mountains.
  • One of the most potent characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension. It has been demonstrated that he can control reality and absorb energy attacks.
  • The Living Tribunal: The Living Tribunal is a cosmic body in charge of preserving harmony throughout the cosmos. It has been demonstrated that his immense might allows him to vanquish formidable entities like Thanos and Galactus.

Aside from these people, the Marvel Cinematic Universe also contains a few additional entities like the Celestials and Eternity who are probably more powerful than Captain Marvel. Nevertheless, it is hard to say for sure how strong these characters are because we haven’t seen them in action too much.

While there are a few characters in the MCU that are stronger than Captain Marvel overall, she is not the strongest superhero in the entire cast.

Captain Marvel

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