How far is Davenport from Disney? Why is Davenport popular?

How far is Davenport from Disney? If you’re wondering how long it takes to travel from Davenport to Orlando, then you have come to the right place! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the distance between these popular destinations in Florida, realistic drive times from Davenport to the theme parks, recommendations for what’s close by, and the most family-friendly resort communities where you can stay.

Davenport is really not all that far from Orlando — the distance between cities is exactly 29.77 miles if you drew a straight line across the map (or “as the crow flies”). If traveling by car, downtown Orlando is only 36.1 miles from downtown Davenport.

Best of all, you’ll be even closer if you’re driving from the top Davenport resorts to the theme parks! For instance, Walt Disney World parks are pretty much halfway in between Davenport FL and Orlando FL. And, if you’re flying into Orlando International Airport, you’ll only have about a 30 mile journey to the majority of the resort communities in Davenport!

How far is Davenport from Disney?

Walt Disney World Resort is roughly 23 miles away from Davenport, Florida. Depending on traffic, the travel from Davenport to Disney World usually takes 30 minutes or less.

Here are some suggestions for traveling from Davenport to Disney World:

  • Eastbound I-4 traffic should take Exit 68. You will reach the Walt Disney World Resort by doing this.
  • To get to Walt Disney World Resort, follow State Road 535 (SR-535) east. I-4, however, usually moves more quickly.
  • A lot of the vacation homes in Davenport provide shuttle service to Disney World for guests vacationing there.
  • To get to Disney World, you can also use a cab or ride-sharing service.
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Davenport from Disney

How long is Davenport from Orlando?

About 23 miles separate Orlando, Florida from Davenport, Florida. Depending on traffic, the trip from Davenport to Orlando usually takes 30 minutes or less.

To reach Orlando, travel Interstate 4 (I-4) east to Exit 68. You will reach the city’s center by doing this. To get to Orlando, you can alternatively follow State Road 535 (SR-535) to the east. I-4, however, usually moves more quickly.

Many vacation homes in Davenport provide shuttle service to Orlando for guests staying there. Orlando can also be reached by taxi or a ride-sharing service.

Is Davenport Florida closer to Orlando or Tampa?

Tampa is further away from Orlando than Davenport, Florida.

About 23 miles separate Davenport from Orlando and 64 miles separate Davenport from Tampa. The average travel time from Davenport to Orlando is about 30 minutes, and the average travel time from Davenport to Tampa is about an hour.

Due to its proximity to Walt Disney World Resort and other Orlando attractions, Davenport is a well-liked vacation spot. Additionally, it is a well-liked location for Orlando-based workers to call home.

Is Davenport Florida close to Disney World?

Yes, Disney World is close to Davenport, Florida. The distance between it and Walt Disney World Resort is around 23 miles, and depending on traffic, the trip takes about 30 minutes.

Visitors to Disney World frequently choose to stay in Davenport because it has a selection of lodging alternatives, including hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals. It is also close to other Orlando tourist attractions including SeaWorld and Universal Studios Florida.

Davenport is a fantastic area to think about staying if you’re organizing a trip to Disney World. It is close to the parks and provides a range of lodging choices to suit your preferences and financial situation.

Davenport from Disney

How much is a Uber from Davenport to Orlando?

Depending on the time of day, traffic, and the Uber car you select, the cost of an Uber from Davenport to Orlando will change. But you should budget between $25 and $40 for a ride.

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Use the Uber app to get an estimated rate for your journey. When you enter your pickup and drop-off locations, the app will display all of the available Uber vehicles along with their projected costs.

Here are some suggestions for negotiating your Uber fare:

  • Request a ride when demand is low. Uber prices are often higher on the weekends and during busy hours.
  • Opt for a smaller Uber car like an UberX or UberXL. Smaller vehicles often have lower Uber prices.
  • Invite others along for the ride. Uber provides several ride-sharing choices, including UberPool and UberX Share. These choices can help you save money, but they might delay you from reaching your destination.

Why is Davenport FL popular?

Several factors contribute to Davenport, Florida’s popularity, including:

  • Davenport is a great area to stay for guests to Disney World as it is only 23 miles away from Walt Disney World Resort.
  • Numerous lodging choices: Davenport provides a selection of lodging choices, including hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals. This offers guests a range of options to suit their demands and budget.
  • Affordability: Booking a hotel in Davenport is typically less expensive than doing it in Orlando or at a Disney resort. This makes it a fantastic choice for vacationers on a tight budget.
  • Other attractions: Davenport is adjacent to SeaWorld Orlando, Legoland Florida Resort, and Universal Studios Florida in Orlando. Because of this, it’s a fantastic area to stay for tourists who want to check out several things.
  • Davenport provides a range of facilities, including golf courses, dining establishments, and shopping. Visitors now have many options for things to do when they aren’t at the theme parks.

In addition to these factors, families and retirees also like Davenport. With a range of schools and other amenities, it is a quiet and safe town.

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In general, Davenport is a sought-after vacation spot because of its proximity to Disney World, selection of lodging options, affordability, closeness to other attractions, and amenities. Families and retirees both like it as a location to live.

Is it better to stay in Davenport or Kissimmee?

Depending on your specific requirements and interests, Davenport or Kissimmee may be a better option for lodging. The two areas are contrasted as follows:



  • Nearer to Disney World
  • Less expensive
  • A calmer and more laid-back environment


  • The distance from other Orlando attractions is greater.
  • Fewer eateries and stores



  • Proximity to other Orlando attractions
  • More eateries and stores
  • More vivacious environment


  • Distance from Disney World is greater
  • More costly; more traffic

Davenport is a wonderful choice if your main interest is visiting Disney World. It is more reasonably priced and nearer to the parks. Kissimmee would be a better choice if you want to explore other Orlando attractions, though. Additionally, it is closer to eateries and stores, and it is livelier.

Ultimately, taking into account your unique needs and tastes can help you determine which place is perfect for you.

Consider the following extra factors while deciding between Davenport and Kissimmee:

  • Both Davenport and Kissimmee are family-friendly vacation spots. But if you’re bringing little kids, you might want to think about lodging in Kissimmee. In addition to being closer to some of Orlando’s most well-liked family-friendly attractions, such as Universal Studios Florida and SeaWorld Orlando, Kissimmee features more family-friendly eateries and retail establishments.
  • Budget-wise, Davenport is often less expensive than Kissimmee. However, both cities provide a wide range of lodging choices, so you should be able to find something that meets your budget.
  • Travel: If you are renting a car, you can navigate around Davenport and Kissimmee without much trouble. However, you might want to think about staying in Kissimmee if you aren’t renting a car. In addition to being closer to Orlando International Airport, Kissimmee boasts a superior public transit infrastructure than Davenport.

Davenport from Disney

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