Author Suyog Shetty

Anticipate Relevant Outcomes Through New Media – It isn’t difficult

Engaging with analysts brings in a variety of expectations. The most common and easily anticipated outcome is a positive report on the service provider; ironically not a balanced report. Any negative will be viewed as a potent explosive, and every effort will be undertaken to dilute or soften the ‘blow’. The truth however remains, unchanged!

The Ripple Effect of Analyst Relations

‘How many deals can you help us win?’

‘We have already invested in all the marquee analyst firms, when do we start seeing tangible returns?’

‘Can you ask which Fortune 500 firms are being advised?’

Guest Post: AR pros are not scheduling coordinators

The technology services industry has evolved at such a frightful pace in recent months, I won’t be surprised that in some time it may be renamed as Digital Services industry doing completely away with the traditional era terms. In the immediate future, some of the older legacy phrases may just fade away too and if you happen to accidentally glance your archived notes and stumble on words like ERP, PCs, TCP – you may wonder just how we managed them all.