Author Bram Weerts

Analyst Consulting Days: The Top 4 Reasons Why

Analyst consulting days (aka SAS or strategic advisory service in Gartnerese) have a high risk/reward profile for vendor analyst relations (AR) teams. We often receive questions from AR practitioners asking why AR would want to spend the money on an analyst consulting day.

Increase Investment in AR: What Would It Take?

Analyst Relations (AR) programs typically do not have sufficient resources (e.g., spokespeople bandwidth for analyst interactions, AR headcount, and budget) for the tasks at hand. Kea Company see underinvestment in AR pretty much across the board regardless of market (e.g., services, software, or hardware), geography, size, or stage of maturity.

Which Influencers Are Most Relevant?

One of the more common inquiries that Kea Company handles is “How can I know which analysts are most relevant? Should I focus on traditional influencers or put some effort toward these new style influencers?”

Analyst Relations Programs: The Top 5 Biggest Mistakes

5. Vendors approach analysts with an undifferentiated message and lack of thought in their vision and strategy.
Downside – why should an analyst pay any attention to a boring, me too vendor, especially if the market is crowded and fragmented?

Using Analyst Written Research: Bad Practices

The IT industry analysts do a good job of researching and analysing the IT industry. Where they often do not do a good job lies in educating their own clients on how to use the research and recommendations. This is critical because analyst clients could end up making wrong decisions about technology and services, putting their companies – and their jobs – at risk. Don’t take written research at face value or view only the research from a single firm.