Author Andrew Reed

A Podcast with Dr. Carlo Velten of Crisp Research

A former Ski instructor turned analyst? Dr. Carlo Velten (LinkedIn – XING), a founder of Crisp Research, joined us to speak about Crisp, their freemium model and Carlo’s views on the state of the IT Research industry.

A Podcast with Ray Mota of ACG Research

A former pro baseball coach turned analyst? Ray Mota of ACG Research joined us to talk about the strengths of ACG, how it came to be and Ray’s views on the IT Research Industry as a whole.

A Podcast with Russell Rothstein of IT Central Station

Russell Rothstein of IT Central Station join us to learn about how the ‘Yelp of Enterprise Software’ is changing the way people purchase enterprise technology.

A Podcast With Jon Reed of Diginomica

Jon Reed of Diginomica spoke with us about how Diginomica is taking a fresh approach to enterprise tech analysis.

Influencer Insights Podcast: How Luxoft leverages AR as a force multiplier for their success

For this Influencer Insights Podcast we are excited to be joined by Patrick Corcoran, Director of Analyst and Advisor Relations at Luxoft. Patrick intensified their outreach to analysts, really reinvigorating the Analyst Relations practice at Luxoft. In this podcast we learn how Luxoft is taking on some of the biggest software outsourcing firms and how they have been leveraging Analyst Relations as a force multiplier for their success.