Podcast: The New Industry Analysts, Who Are They? (Part Two)

Over the last couple of years we have been witness to the rise (and fall) of new research initiatives. What defines them, and what drives them to take on the market as they do? Hosts Thom and Derk Erbé are joined by Phil Fersht, Michael Coté, William Tincup and Horace Dediu. The panel drills down on new types of industry analysts and how they will change the IT research landscape.

This is the second part of this podcast. The first part can be found here.




Michael Coté


HoraceDediu Horace Dediu


PhilFersht Phil Fersht

HfS Research

WilliamTincup William Tincup

KeyInterval Research


DerkErbe Derk Erbé

Kea Company

ThomErbe Thom Erbé

Kea Company

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